Intro's and Outro's

The Dinky Gamer

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I'm not overly fond of intro's, mainly because they can tend to be long. I do wonder though, do they help in making your channel look "professional"? Do folks even care about seeing an intro?
I am one of those people who doesn't care about intros or outros all tho I could tolerate a very short intro but I always feel it's best to get to the point of the video I feel you can edit your video and make it look professional without intros or outros but just my two cents.
You can make them as long or as short as you want. My intro is about 5 sec and i just say hi and what game i am going to play. But i personally think it is better to have some sort of an intro then imidiatly start with what you do. Cause then you have some sort of a buildup instead of : Poof here you go.
I'm not sure if youre talking about introducing yourself and the video, or the title screen, username effect type of intro. Personally I do introduce my videos unless its going to be quite a fast paced rant that does not need much explaining in which I will pretty much dive straight in. In regards to the title screen intros, I do not use one of these yet however I do think it looks very cinematic and professional, especially if you make one from scratch rather than using a template. Despite that, it should be no longer than 5 seconds because us smaller youtubers really need to keep the viewer engaged and anything long winded or boring will make them click off your channel and never think about you again. Id suggest that you make sure your audience retention average is over 50% of your video before making an intro :) Hope this helps:)
Some of the youtubers I follow use the format of doing an introduction, followed by what the video is about (usually in a high-energy manner). Then they roll a short channel intro graphic bit and then you get the video. I think that works pretty well as it both looks cinematic and professional but avoids the "Bah, intro, I'll go to a different video" thingy.
They just make the videos more interesting. I personally don't have an intro just because I find them to be rather annoying on some people's channels if they're too long. It's really up to you and what your preference is.