How do you introduce yourself in your videos?

Merlina Rodas

I've Got It
Hello all,

I was doing a short intro for one of my videos and I wasn't sure how to start... Basically I wanted to say something like "hey guys, it's me and todays video is about whatever todays video was about.."

But I wasn't sure whether to use my name or my username when introducing myself? My name is Merlina and my username is HolisticMerlina so regardless, I'd be using my name but what would you guys recommend doing? How do you refer to yourself in your vids?

I some what ripped off one of my buddys intros without realizing it "What's going on guys my name is Zachary Thomas and today...." considering doing "everyone" instead of "guys" but im not sure cause i end up getting tongue tied haha. Anyway his was "What's going on its Brady Szuhaj" and I felt bad for taking it but oh well haha
Hm... This is an interesting question. I've never done a spoken intro and only recently started saying the same thing at the end of my videos. I agree with people above that the intro should probably be something you practice and then say at the start of every video or something that comes naturally. But if you have a separate intro (like graphics or something), maybe a second introduction isn't needed?
Don't think too much about it. The more of your personality shows the more interesting things get! :smug: