1. S

    What are some tips that you could provide to make sure my videos have the highest level of quality and engagement?

    Hello Everyone I am an Instagram influencer. I have more than ten thousand followers on my Instagram account, and I am always looking for new ways to engage with them. One of the best ways to do that is through video content. As you know, nowadays, YouTube is becoming one of the most popular...
  2. BrettTaylorYT

    How important is it to “stay on brand”?

    How important is it to only produce one type of content? What’s the harm in having like vlogs, sketch comedy, let’s plays, and like music videos or something all on one channel? I’m contemplating doing some gaming but I primarily do vlog type of videos. But I’m not too confident that I’ll be...
  3. JackyB

    Which Username Do You Prefer

    Thanks for ur time!
  4. Stike96

    Your One-Stop Guide To Great Branding!

    ***Sorry if someone already made a similar post to this one, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Edit: Oops, I just realised that there's a dedicated branding section in the forum. Don't know how missed that lol. Nevermind, I guess this is still my take on it. *** Hi all! I wanted...
  5. Knowledgia

    My Uniques Characters

    Hello community. I am building animated history videos and I created my own characters in photoshop to present some of the historical important men. Do you think this is building my brand? Or is helping me being recognized by many more? Thank you so much community for your time to read this :)
  6. UnboxingSve

    Build your own logo and intro over phone apps

    Hello everybody, Recently I found out about these two apps for mobile phone which can be very useful for new youtube channels that cannot afford to pay for logo design or some intro. These two apps I find very easy to use so everybody can handle them. There are many apps like these available...
  7. M

    How do you introduce yourself in your videos?

    Hello all, I was doing a short intro for one of my videos and I wasn't sure how to start... Basically I wanted to say something like "hey guys, it's me and todays video is about whatever todays video was about.." But I wasn't sure whether to use my name or my username when introducing myself...
  8. Brandzor

    [GMOD] Stories From The CityRp - 'My First Dank Purchase'

    In this City Life story, bare witness to my first purchase of the finest, dankest kush that the city has to offer! Of course things didn't go to plan... P.S DID ANYONE NOTICE THE VIDEO LENGTH? BLAZE IT. CityLife RP is a game mode on Garry's Mod, check it out if you haven't already booooooyz...
  9. Lloydo

    Your Thoughts On A Vlog?

    Hey there folks, I am just dropping in a link to my new vlog that I posted a few hours ago. I'm simply looking ways to "Spice" things up a bit more. I feel like all I have at the moment is talking and driving haha. Any ideas for a new vlogger? Or at the very least any ideas on how to add a bit...
  10. TonyOutPlaysYT

    How do I get my recent video to become a "suggested" video?

    Hi guys! I need some help. How can i get my recent video to become a suggested video? My recent videos have been on the suggested list and I know this because people would comment they came from the suggested thing. You know what I mean. How can I get all of my videos especially my most recent...
  11. P

    Can I disable annotations/watermark from showing on one upload?

    But still be visible on the rest of my videos. Basically is there anyway for this particular video to have annotations automatically disabled for the audience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  12. LandofDucks

    Gaming So you want to know what to Improve on your channel AND get a Shoutout?

    Hey guys, I have started a brand new seires over on my channel, This series is all about YOU! Each episode I will pick 3 channels to review and give advice on what you can improve on the make your channel look that much better and things that will help you grow! If you like what you are...
  13. J

    What Brand do you wish you could create content for?

    Hey all, What brand would you be happy to promote? They are willing to pay you but you have to integrate their brand into your video. Who would it be? How would you do it? Would you do something really creative or just read off a 30 second script like most people do? Let me know! I think I...
  14. RyanBoyer

    Real Brutal Thoughts on My Channel Page? Branding Wise? :D

    Just wanted to see if people actually liked my art work or maybe what they would change if they had any ideas! :P Thanks!
  15. Geetz

    Logo design?

    hey just seeing if anyone can recommend somewhere to get a rad logo made up? Thanks in advance!
  16. Alex Pota

    Channel re-branding boundaries

    Hi, I have had a conversation with a graphic designer and she told me that all my designs suck: on youtube and my website and the rest of what ever place allows me to have custom something :( So I'm going to change a lot. My channels name is Alex Pota, the brand is Bizprog - my channel is...