What Brand do you wish you could create content for?

JV Trammell

A Filmmaker/Vlogger attempting to make you laugh.
Hey all,

What brand would you be happy to promote? They are willing to pay you but you have to integrate their brand into your video. Who would it be? How would you do it? Would you do something really creative or just read off a 30 second script like most people do?

Let me know!

I think I would love to make a comedy sketch around Netflix, or something like that.
A clothing company I like, so someone like Thunder, Agape, Hotlife and so on! And not sure, would try think of some sort of creative unboxing or something along those lines!
I'd promote brands like Razer, Rode, Canon, and Sigma for free because I use them and already like them... don't need to pay me to say good stuff if I already do.
ill be honest I don't think I could, I mean the money would be awesome but I don't know Im not in a position where I need to do brand deals to pay the rent lol and because of my content being gaming the only kind of brand deals id be getting its being paid to say good things about a game I may or may not like and it seems kinda scummy to trick people but maybe under certain circumstances I would feel alright with doing one its a bridge to cross when I come to it haha[DOUBLEPOST=1462570605,1462570551][/DOUBLEPOST]stuff like squarespace and people buying adspace in videos is fine but i couldnt make that the whole video
I would love to be able to create content for several big beauty brands and get sponsored products :cold::cold::cold::cold:
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