What Brand do you wish you could create content for?

Would really like to do it for some of my my fave YouTubers since they are all about fitness and have their own brand going on. People like Elliott Hulse, Brandon Carter and Kinobody would be pretty sick!
Ooh. I really like this question! Am I getting free stuff? I'd love to do a brand deal with Nike/Adidas/Asics/Lululemon and maybe do some hiking/biking/outdoor sports vlogs (this girls could use some free clothes) Haha. If I could link up with a food brand, it would be Love Grown. I eat their cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I could eat cereal during my videos. :p
Given my own channel's branding it would be easy to do anything Japanese related such as a Crunchyroll anime spot, a cosplay/costume shop of some kind, or even to some test cutting with swords from a weaponry manufacturer. Book shops would be easy to integrate into the channel since I'm a writer and my channel's mainstay is about history. I'd love to do a branded deal with Half-Price Books or Barnes and Noble. Amazon wouldn't be a bad one to get a contract with, either.
A television show or a movie set in a Japanese historical period would be a good branded deal that I could integrate easily. For instance if Keanu Reeves came knocking I could do a 47 Ronin-related video, even if the movie sucks the important thing is that I have informative and entertaining videos out of the topic...the plus is the cash they could shower me with. :)

And I'm not above branding with smaller things. I am lactose intolerant but I love milk...so I drink a lot of Lactaid; if Lactaid wanted to pay me or give me free stuff, I'd totally turn the container to face the camera when I cut milk cartons. When I do sword-cutting videos I always turn the label of whatever I'm cutting away from the camera; but if they pay me, I'll turn it toward the camera.
Heck if a drink company wants to sponsor me, I can make sure their drink is in the photo or video at some points even if its just sitting within view with the label facing the camera.
As far as vehicles go...I wouldn't turn down a free Ford or Chevy vehicle, of course, but I'd rather get sponsored by Toyota. Haha.

I'm hard to shame, but not totally shameless. The bigger question is what I wouldn't hawk or promote on my channel; there are a few companies I refuse to do business with and I would outright refuse them based on moral grounds like Nestle or Best Buy, and a handful of other companies.
At this point in time any car manufacturer probably. I'd love to be able to review new cars, but my YouTube channel is not at that level yet.

Or even a sponsorship by american muscle (so I can build my mustang the way I want to...). But that is also something that won't happen overnight (and probably ever looking at my growth curve and appeal).
Would LOVE to be a brand ambassador for a fashion company - anything like Topman or H&M or even thinking bigger like Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga...although that's obviously unrealistic hahah :)