1. S

    Business Proposal/ paid partnership/ sponsorship

    Hi, This is Ely, I have a business proposal to those youtuber has 1000 subscribers, 5-10 vids with 1000 views. to promote our platform. Please message me on telegram @elyddy . if you're interested. I'm looking forward to collaborating with you. Thank you.
  2. W

    Hey Gamers! We’re on the lookout for sponsorships!

    Hey gamers! Hope your all safe and well! Our company is on the lookout for up and coming members of the gaming community to join our team as an ambassador for our gaming product’s! if this is something of interest, shoot us a DM on Instagram @wirelesskings and we’ll look into it!
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Sponsors Brand Deals on YouTube in 2019 - 2020 (Step by Step Guide)

    Get Sponsors and Brand Deals for Small YouTubers - How To Get Sponsored on YouTube - YouTube Brand Deals are easier than you think. You just have to do a little bit of the leg work to make your channel worth sponsoring.
  4. Yachts For Sale

    Strategy to find sponsors

    One of my goals this year was to find sponsors for my channel so that I can make it financially sustainable and offer more varied content. I decided upon a strategy to accomplish this and am very happy with the results, so I wanted to share it on this forum in the hope that some readers may...
  5. ShireenPlaysYT

    Sponsorships for small gaming channels

    Hello everyone, I have recently been interested in getting sponsorships for my channel and I would like some advice on how to do that - I know there is a lot of grund to cover and I have watched multple videos about it but if someone can give me a short guildeline to start it would be more than...
  6. GoAsiaDayTrip

    Other Collaborations and sponsored free tours in Vietnam with GoAsiaDayTrip

    Hi everyone, I'm Greta from GoAsiaDayTrip, a travel company providing tours and transfers in Southeast Asia. At the moment, we want to promote our products in Vietnam and want to collab with youtubers, especially travel or lifestyle Vloggers whose viewers are from English speaking countries...
  7. Freddie Hill

    Are there any sporting youtubers or gaming channels out there looking for a Partnership?

    I have a few websites which i am more than happy to share with you all if you're interested in an affiliation/partnership
  8. L

    Other Searching for creators who wants to review product

    Hey! Are interested in web design? Do you know what does template, theme, WordPress mean? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss everything.
  9. T

    How do you approach companies to do product reviews as a small channel?

    I imagine it's quite difficult as a new channel to approach big companies to do reviews of their product, as you have very little benefit to receiving one of their products to advertise. Do you have any success with smaller companies, though? Or any company in general? I'd love to hear what you...
  10. Ampix0

    100 Subscribers and my FIRST SPONSORED VIDEO!

    Today my channel reached 150 subscribers, but it is also the release of my first ever sponsored video. I contacted a company (featured in the video) and to my surprise, they actually wrote me back even though I only had THREE videos and less than 100 subscribers believe it or not. The email I...
  11. Ampix0

    I've only made THREE videos and have a 10 deal with a sponsor!

    10 VIDEO DEAL* I know you probably are wondering how much money I am making and are about to scroll down to see it. I just want to let you know now, I am likely not going to post it, nor may I be allowed. I will tell you it is for a LARGE sponsor who I first found out about through two of the...
  12. Yachts For Sale

    How to get Sponsors

    There have been a few threads on this forum discussing the drop in revenue on YouTube. Sponsorship has been mentioned several times as a good option for a second revenue stream, so I just wanted to flag up an excellent video that was posted yesterday on Tim Schmoyer's "Video Creators" channel...
  13. DvApps

    Do I need to tell my audience that my video has an affiliate link?

    Hey, Recently a company reached out to me. They wanted me to make a video about their software and in return, they would give me an affiliate link. Do I legally have to tell my viewers that my video contains an affiliate link or is that just for sponsorships? Thanks!
  14. Michael Lunatic

    Sponsor me for a Cancer Support Charity!

    Click on my channel link to watch latest video to find out more! I'm Braving the Shave at the end of the month! That's right, my hair and goatee! I'm gonna be bold like Doctor Evil ☺ All for Macmillan Cancer Support. Hope my mini Video helps inspire you to sponsor me or Brave the Shave...
  15. T

    To those who have recieved or negotiated a sponsorship...

    Could you give us an example of how we should approach that situation in the future if we're lucky enough to recieve the opportunity? I figure there's plenty of knowledgeable people on here who have probably done some back and forth with companies. Would you be willing to give an example...
  16. B

    Smaller YTers paying bigger YTers to do collabs/shoutouts?

    I've seen some bigger channels do sponsor videos for $100 worth of freebies. YTers love their freebies 1, i am not going to be doing YT for money 2, I currently run a Home business running an online store and i sell brand new electronics and brand new clothing and earn good money from that. 3...
  17. J

    What Brand do you wish you could create content for?

    Hey all, What brand would you be happy to promote? They are willing to pay you but you have to integrate their brand into your video. Who would it be? How would you do it? Would you do something really creative or just read off a 30 second script like most people do? Let me know! I think I...
  18. TheBattProductions

    Social Native - Legit?

    Hello everyone! :) So here's the deal: I was messaged on my Gmail account (linked to my YouTube channel) about participating in a promotion for the trading card company, TOPPS. They sent a very short e-mail (attached) asking if I'd like to be a part of their promotion. I sent back that I was...
  19. John B

    Question About IZEA...

    Hello all! I am interested in the IZEA YouTube Sponsorship website, and am curious about a detail in their Terms of Service, It essentially says you have to be over 18 to join, why is this? I'm 17 and this is kind of bugging me... I'm not sure exactly why one would need to be 18 to join such a...