I've only made THREE videos and have a 10 deal with a sponsor!


Web Design Tutorials

I know you probably are wondering how much money I am making and are about to scroll down to see it. I just want to let you know now, I am likely not going to post it, nor may I be allowed. I will tell you it is for a LARGE sponsor who I first found out about through two of the mega YouTube stars I subscribe to.

My content happens to be exactly in-line with their target audience, and so when I had two videos, on a pure whim I sent them an email.

I have no idea why I sent it, I knew it was a waste of time. But I had a pitch. See, I make web design tutorials, teaching viewers what they need to know to get started making websites. This sponsor is in the business of selling domain names. I made my case that these early videos are important because anyone NEW to web design would be starting here with these videos. I knew it was a hard sell but I sent the email. At the time I think I had about 70-80 subscribers.

After that, I had posted another video which had done fairly well in comparison. within 24 hours I went up to 120 subscribers. Obviously, we are still talking VERY low numbers here. At the time of writing this I still only have 136 subscribers.

But the comments on my last video on Youtube and Reddit were FANTASTIC. Incredibly positive feedback from everyone everywhere. On the internet, that's so rare is creepy.

I got an email back, the email was from someone who handles these types of community relationships. He tells me he is interested in my content, and that it looked professional and that they believe it will do very well. I noticed they had not yet seen the new video at the time they wrote the message based on what they were saying.

They expressed their concerns about the low viewership but this ultimately ended up in a phone meeting. I was insanely nervous, I didn't know what exactly the call was for even, but I assumed it was good.

I get in the phone meeting and the guy I had been emailing and I basically say what we said in the email but I believe he let slip what he pays larger Youtubers. Using that information I offered a fraction of that cost, but I would consider a fair price for the size of my channel.

He immediately accepts (oops?, nah who cares). However, he needs to submit this proposal to his manager. So I don't hear anything for two days, then and email telling me he was on vacation. And....

They saw the new video, they LOVED it, and said they want to do a run of three videos for X amount each, and then if all goes well we will be doing TEN videos.

I am making about 1/5th of what a larger youtuber would be paid if I got my guesstimate right.

I am ecstatic. It is enough money that if I decided to buy a new camera or some other equipment for the show I can. I just ordered a Raspberry Pi for future shows.
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WoW, that is real success story. There are literary hundreds of tutorial on how to create website from start to button. You a good example of business aimed YouTube account done professionally from start to finish :)
So it means you will earn some money almost at the very beginning of youtube?
Congratulations! I hope you don´t get scammed though! and I hope you will get more sponsor and continue to earn money!
Again, Congratulations!
i like the fact that you got offered some good money, and your first purchase is a Raspberry Pi lol. But anyways good luck