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Hello community. I am building animated history videos and I created my own characters in photoshop to present some of the historical important men. Do you think this is building my brand? Or is helping me being recognized by many more? Thank you so much community for your time to read this :)
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I think it's an awesome ideas to take historical figures and make animation videos with them and a story of the history they have created. =]
It's definitely something our community and species need to know more about. With all the bad news going on an all.
Plus I just really love history anyways. =] So keep up the good work.
I too think it's a really cool idea! I totally do something similar, but not with historical figures. I do gaming videos, but in every game I create a character, and I give my character a name as well as a background story that I write within the context of the game. Then I include them in fun stories I write and upload to my website which is linked to my YouTube channel. I also have artists from DeviantArt draw the characters which I use on each characters profile page of my website. I also use the name of the characters in my videos then viewers can slide over to my super cool website to learn about them. I don't know if this promotes my channel so much as it's a fun hobby. These characters then become sort of imaginary friends in a way. Lol. :).

I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but I just wanted to say that I think what you're doing is unique, fun, and totally creative so I'm all for it. :).

Now, I'm gonna slide on over to your channel and check out your super cool videos.

Take care my dude! :).