1. O

    Please review my YouTube Channel & give your honest feedback & suggestions.

    This is a new YouTube channel & I don;t have much experience in creating videos or writing scripts. But I found the content funny, I'm just not sure if people will also find it funny. Here is a link to my channels: Please check it out & share your valuable...
  2. R

    NFT Animation Software

    When it comes to creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and animations, having the right software is critical. A quality NFT animation software should have features that enable users to create high-quality graphics and animations with ease. In this article, we will look at some of the best NFT...
  3. O


    I just found an interesting animation competition called “ANI MEME”, which calls for MEME animations! Participants are asked to create animation with their favorite MEME pictures. The most important thing is creativity, not ability! So anyone who loves MEME could join this contest! ( I will...
  4. Deckie

    What animation app should I use?

    I‘ve been wanting to produce a 2d YouTube animation but I can’t find the right animation app to do it. The animation will feature a simple character (not too simple though) with animated shapes, patterns and surfaces (e.g. like a flying flag). I’m sure software like Blender would be ideal but it...
  5. Dawayne West

    Sprite animation

    Hey all! It's been a while since I posted on here I don't even know if I'm even on the right thread but I'll give it a shot So my friends and I were intreasted in doing a sprite animation kinda like the videos Dashiexp used to do and I was just seeing if there is anywhere where I can find...
  6. Sketchbook Stories Nova

    Storytime Animation Video Review Request

    Video: Attacked by a stingray (on a nudist beach with my parents ) Feat. Storyteller Adrian Davidson Hi. I just acquired/took over a channel but I’m effectively “starting over” because I’m changing the demographic and the types of stories. It used to be more fake, “actually happened”-style...
  7. D

    I figure out how to make animation text in video faster

    I begin to learn create mogrt 3 months ago and this is my first mogrt. I really want to share to everyone. With this mogrt animating text popup in video using Premiere pro will much more easier than ever. And especially, You can make your own favorite font list and switch between them...
  8. Beuble

    Animation COLLABORATION pour une animation style FAN MAP sur une chanson de votre choix pour youtube.

    On Undertale, BATIM and Cuphead. Search for facilitators (pro, beginner or intermediate, French or English). I would like to do a card on a song of your choice and start with the first part. An animation in black, white and gray tones constantly moving if you can so that it does not have a lag...
  9. DarrenH

    Animated Talent Show - A Star Is Born

    Hi all, I have created a new animated talent show called A Star Is Born. Each season will feature one YouTube cover artist and take them on a journey from auditions to the finals. The first season features YouTube artist Red Official and her amazing singing covers. Please check it out and let...
  10. F

    Animation Looking for a Voice actor for my short animation

    Hey guys... I made this short animation myself but I always have problem on voice section... Who can help me? :)
  11. S

    Animation Looking for Animator(s)

    I want to start making 2 to 3 minute web toons for YouTube, but I need an animator or animators to help me with the production part. I'll do the storyboards and I am in the process of looking for a writer. I can't promise anything financially, but if you want to flex your creative muscles for a...
  12. The Crazed Side m8

    Voice Acting Looking to add voice actors to my team for Surreal comedy/drama animations

    Hey, everyone! I'm looking to add temporary/permanent voice actors to The Crazed Side! The animations are mainly surreal parodies as well as a main serialized webseries. Requirements: Voice actors need to be above 11 years old. Experience isn't...
  13. T

    Looking for Minecraft animators

    Hi my YouTube is Twancraft and though I have extremely limited resources I am hoping to started an animated Minecraft series right now I'm simply improving my skills and trying to get myself out there I'm 16 and know the basics of blender if you would like to join in and help a sub would be nice...
  14. Sleepingbutterfly

    Where do I get this damn transition?

    Eyo, youtubers! So, I don’t know if you noticed this. But some youtubers use the same transition animation. You know. That splashy one, for example, James Charles is currently using. Where do I find it? I know it’s maybe an after effects one. But does it exist for Davinci Resolve, too? Would be...
  15. M

    Reused content or not

    Hello, Could you please tell me that this creations are reused content or not? It is very helpful to me. links are below
  16. Leal

    Getting more views to old channel

    I have a youtube channel in the kids niche with about 4 Million Views and 8000 subscribers. The majority of the views came in the beginning of this year up to early summer, until I (unfortunately as I know now) changed the description and tags of one of my most successful videos which brought me...
  17. SheepDreams

    Request Looking For Paid Animator

    Heyo name's Sheepy I do story videos sometimes on my channel and even though they're technically "Animation" I would like real animation like cartoons and stuff. Probably 1-3 mins max. Speaking off pay, just name your price. I know it's a lot of work and could take months but stay reasonable...
  18. ProjectHydra

    Channel with animations. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Hi! I would like to show you all my youtube channel with Minecraft narrative animations. I put into this channel a lot o energy and my free time. Any feedback is appreciated!
  19. BestNerdLife

    Pixel Art! Animated Fire How-To video

    Hey everybody! Currently in the process of uploading a series of videos of me doing some pixel art. First up is a simple animated fire! It's a good way to quickly learn how to make animated fire pixel art! Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  20. BestNerdLife

    Pixel Art! Animated Fire time-lapse

    Hey everybody! Currently in the process of uploading a series of videos of me doing some pixel art. First up is a simple animated fire! Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  21. Rallex

    Animation Minecraft animator needed! ASAP

    I have a big Minecraft Animation Series I want to create as I have scripts for 10 minute episodes! I suck at animating and need a animator. Looking for someone who knows how to use Mine-imator or blender! I already have voice actors, actress, music and sounds!
  22. Dutchie Abroad

    Animation memes! Bet you didn't know that was a thing

    So I've been on this forum for quite some time and to my surprise, there are hardly any animators on here. On YT there's a whole sub genre of people animating to about 30 to 40 sec clips of music, called animation memes. Maybe you have no idea it existed, maybe you already know about it, but...
  23. Mikahh

    Animation Looking for people to work with!

    Hello I'm Mika! Allow me to introduce myself I'm Mika I come from the Netherlands and since the beginning of 2018 I'm busy animating. Currently more like minecraft gfx and stuff but I really want to grow In other animation styles. But more important I want to make multiple successful YouTube...
  24. B

    Animation Looking for Animators on YouTube to collab with.

    If you are interested in working on a video with me (For both channels) message me on Twitter @Bub2ee with your YouTube channel link and how you would like to collaborate. Collaborate by: Voicing some characters in the video Working on a new video Idea Discussing a topic in the form of an...
  25. The Character Consultancy

    Infographic Struggles

    Hi all, My videos are mostly infographics, and I struggle to come up with ways to present the information I want to show. I do personality profiles for fictional characters and draw on knowledge I've gained from training as a psychotherapist to write up my script. That's all well and good, but...
  26. Yasas Perera

    Animation Looking for a decent animator to make content for a kids channel with 50k Subs

    I have an old account which doesnt generate much of ad revenue currently yet has a steady subscriber base of 50k+. Looking for a animator who's willing to spare a couple of hours a day to make some decent animations/stop motion and I'm willing to share 50:50 from the ad revenue we are gonna earn...
  27. Pierre Maynard


    Hello there Anime fans! YES FINALLY!! another anime that i can actually talk about, I'm so hyped to talk about this!!! It has been a long time since the last review, apologies about that. Today we are going to talk about HOW NOT TO SUMMON A DEMON LORD, and getting so excited over some fan...
  28. O

    Animation Let's collab!

    I'm 15 years old and wanted to collab. My channel is very small (11 subs) so I'll be happy to collab with anyone. I'm a fan of the Sidemen (English group fo Youtubers). If you are too, we could maybe create an animation of their life story/journey. I'd be happy to animate something about...
  29. Rozcoe

    Animation Animation Fun Channel

    Hey everyone, my name is Rozcoe. My goal is to create an indie studio that’ll work with everyday peeps to bring their ideas to life. We’ll work with eachother on our ideas and help others with theirs in the future when we get our first studio. For now, we need animators! Not just any animators...
  30. Cartoons Cartoons

    Voice Acting Voice Actor for the role of Toshi for our web series, Warriors of Yokohama

    We recently uploaded our web series which you can view below. Although the first episode is short, the second is planned to be a minute at least. We are seeking a male or female/anyone who can impersonate a female voice. We would like you to be sort of dry in humor and tone such as Mandy from...