Infographic Struggles

Hi all,

My videos are mostly infographics, and I struggle to come up with ways to present the information I want to show. I do personality profiles for fictional characters and draw on knowledge I've gained from training as a psychotherapist to write up my script. That's all well and good, but most of the information I've learned isn't something I can present in statistical format. If I could, I'd happily breeze through the video saying "60% of characters have this characteristic; this character is 45% this, that or something else" but my knowledge doesn't translate that way. I can do bulletpoints if need be, but I can't really justify doing that all the way through every video - I think it would get boring.

I use VSDC Editor but the functionality is quite limited. There are a few functions I could use but I don't want my videos to look off-the-shelf, so that pretty much leaves me with fading in, fading out and a couple of wipe/push or moving-text-about functions. It's hard work using those functions to explain essay-style (or even bulletpoint-style) information.

Animated graphics would be nice but I don't think I could make good quality ones with my current skill level. Using anything (animations, images, etc.) online comes with copyright issues so I'm reluctant to use too many of those. Getting permission can be a long, even fruitless task.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking for, it's more that I'm in the middle of making a video and find it hard going. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I notice that Matpat does something similar and he fills his videos with all sorts of visually interesting bits and pieces, but he clearly also has access to software with better functionality.

I'm going to leave this here now.