1. Mastertv

    Short Film Looking for some experienced film maker

    I want to collab with numerous film maker to produce a master piece. Anyone interested. I'm sure it will be an amazing project to grow all together.
  2. Alex Nguyen

    Animation BrainStorm seeks an animator for our new project

    BrainStorm Team seeks a passionate storyteller, Cartoonist to join our new project in an Cartoonist/Animator role. You will be main person of this project which develop an Youtube channel, Facebook fanpage and Twitter page. You will be responsible for brainstorming, creating, and transforming...
  3. DTay Chaos

    Request Looking for a dope intro animation!

    Im wondering if anyone knows how to make cartoon intros like a squirtle squad intro or just a cool animated character if anyone knows anybody who can make fan art or do this for me please reply am willing to pay
  4. Mastertv

    Animation Any animator willing to grow with me?

    I am a very passionate artist in many aspects looking for people to help them grow and vice versa. Please. if you want to collab contact me. You wont regret it. Cheers.
  5. FreshPolygons

    3D Modeling Tutorials and Speed Modeling Videos

    Hi everyone! I just started a new channel focused on 3D modeling, with a beginner's guide to 3ds Max series, tips and techniques, as well as speed modeling videos. If you've always wanted to get into 3D modeling, whether for CG animation, motion graphics, or game design, you'll be well on your...
  6. Knowledgia

    My Uniques Characters

    Hello community. I am building animated history videos and I created my own characters in photoshop to present some of the historical important men. Do you think this is building my brand? Or is helping me being recognized by many more? Thank you so much community for your time to read this :)
  7. LM7 Gamer


    I need voice actors for a gta 5 machinima series.:help: have a good mic dont be a squeaker good tone of voice I need people who can do these voices for episode 1 .African American male voice .Evil Russian male voice .English or American announcer voice .Intelligent American male voice .Two...
  8. Smackado

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking for animation group to make or join

    I'm not a animator quite yet but I'm getting there I'm working on something anyways does anybody want to let me join a animation group or start one
  9. Hiper115

    Animation Looking For Talented Animators

    Hello, everyone!!! My name is Hiper115 or Hiper for short, recently I have been thinking of making a youtube group. This group would consist of ONE person from every different type of genre of video making (e.g. gaming, music). I will make a place where we can all talk to each other (probably a...
  10. Mr. Fox

    Animation Animated collaboration for Horror Channel

    I'm looking to collab with somebody, on an animated horror video. I have a few ideas for and other video topics but I am open for suggestion. Check out my channel to see what kind of content I post & see if there would be a possibility for a collaboration. I have a horror telling channel, so i...
  11. Mr. Fox


    Well, I do creepy chànnel where I make creepy videos like 3 true stories of ghost encounter kinda story tellings, well I would if anyone wanna collab with me, well I have anyone channel called Fact Buzz In it, I make like countdowns you check it! Whichever you like you can collab with me! I...
  12. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking For People to Join YouTube Group

    Hello, my YouTube group is looking for members, for details, see below. We are Gilded Phoenix Studios; an entirely unique youtube channel. A shared passion between Orb and Onyx who formed it, and the dedication of all our wonderful staff, drives us pressing forever onward. Originally little...
  13. J

    Voice Acting Voice acting work for a Batman animation!

  14. J

    Looking for a script writer for a few animated shorts

    I have a channel that has 120,000 subscribers but I privated my videos and want to start from scratch in a genre extremely similar to the way Domics makes his videos. I'm able to animate and have all necessary equipment to record/edit videos, but I keep hitting roadblocks with the comedic areas...
  15. Techicvi

    Animation Need a animated channel trailer

    Looking for someone to make a 2d animated channel trailer... best I can offer is $16 in YTtalk money and a shout out and channel link in the description of the video ... I really need this so leave a comment below if you can help...
  16. Rozcoe

    Animation (Need help) Survivors Animated Original YouTube series.

    Hey guys my name is Rozcoe. I am creating my very own animated web series on YouTube called "Survivors." What I am looking for is concept artists, background artists, musicians for background and battle music and much more. I'm not just looking for professionals, so if you're somewhat good, then...
  17. B

    Animation Making an animated collaboration ( Comedy )

    I'm looking to collab with somebody, on a animated comedy video. I have a few ideas for skits, or other video topics but I am open for suggestion. Check out my channel to see what kind of content I post & see if there would be a possibility for a collaboration. I only animate, so i don't show my...
  18. SheepDreams

    Request ANIMU REQUEST! (Animator) (Paid)

    Hello just looking for a short 1 min animation as an artist I know how time consuming this can be. We can talk prices depending on the animation style. If anyone is interested let me know! :bounce:
  19. Rozcoe

    Need help with a script for an animated series

    I'm animating a web series for my YouTube channel. It's an original series that I came up with about a 16 year old named Edwin, he has the ability to mutate his arm into a giant monster arm. Later in the series he can mutate both arms into monster arms. He lives in the world where the Avien...
  20. Vow of Volition

    Animation Join our team!

    We're Vow of Volition, a music/comedy band and channel on YouTube (20k+ subs) We make poorly animated jokes, sketches, and bits about bands we like. We do all our own scripting, editing, voiceover, music, all of it, but we'd really love to work with new/more people to keep up with youtubes...
  21. AIR-TV

    Voice Acting (Unpaid) Need Voice Actors for 5-7 Minute Animation!

    Hello Everybody! I'm planning a huge project! a 5-7 minute Comedy/Romance Animated short. To serve justice to my animation I need some talented voice actors! Please submit Tryouts in a .wav or .mp3 format to Animation's Estimated Release date (will notify about where...
  22. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater presents... SPLITTER!

    "Splitter" is the story of a girl with a messed up face and the man whom she terrorizes. Will he survive? Or will he fall into a plot hole and be gone forever? Find out in this thrilling episode of DCT!
  23. B

    Comedy Short animation skits

    I make short comic animation skits and I'm looking to collaborate with fellow creators but ultimately with anybody. I need Ideas for future content, or maybe voice actors for videos.
  24. BlueSlayrJ

    How to draw in views?

    I just made a brand new channel with the same name: BlueSlayrJ. I plan to do gaming and 2D and 3D animations like blender, but with 0 views and 0 subs, what is the point of even posting a video when theirs such a low chance of anyone even seeing it and I think most youtubers who give tips and...
  25. Davetp

    Request Needing a New Intro for my Brand New Show (Dave & Co)

    Hey Guys its me Davetp, and I have a request for you guys. I am currently working on a brand new show called: Dave & Co where I along with several 'characters' (also played by me) will be involved in several sketches all related to a common theme, However my skills are in Graphic Design not...
  26. Hiper115

    Animation Need Animators For An Animation

    Hello, everyone! I need some animators for an animation idea that I have. I've already written a script and storyboard for you to work off. I can do some basic animation, but my project is too big for me to do by myself. Payment depends on the quality of animation. If your interested contact...
  27. Hiper115

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed For Animation!

    Hello, everyone! I need as many voice actors as possible for an animation, If you would be interested contact me! Email: Skype: hiper115 Hope to hear from you soon!
  28. Lightsen

    First Animated me, Updates, and MERCH! :D

    Totally different style video to my usual, and first time actually Drawing and animating myself lol. Hope you like it ^^
  29. Lamp 64

    Thumbnail Opinion

    I'm in for anything that brings in a dynamic mood. For my first video, when i posted it, i didn't have a custom made thumbnail for it. It seems like a strong thumbnail is what sparks a person's interest towards seeing the video. So i ask the people of yttalk to rate my thumbnail and give me...
  30. Rozcoe

    Animation Stick figure Animation series.

    I was on the other day and I was watching their old stick figure animation fighting scenes and I began to think, what if you could actually make a web series with just stick figures. So I began to brainstorm and came up with a 4 season long zombie stick figure series. The story...