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Hello I'm Mika!

Allow me to introduce myself I'm Mika I come from the Netherlands
and since the beginning of 2018 I'm busy animating. Currently more
like minecraft gfx and stuff but I really want to grow In other animation styles.
But more important I want to make multiple successful YouTube channels and I need partners to do it.
I want to make a animation channel but also a channel like WatchMojo.

I don't care about age or something.
I need a serious ambitious business partner that I can rely on
share my animation with. Someone who can keep in touch with my voice actors etc.

Contact me:
If you want to work with me please send an email to

Best Regards
Hi, I am a new YouTuber who focuses on Educational videos. I recently watched your animations and I thought they will be really suitable for many concepts which wouldn't be really intuitive like conic section or vector calculus.

I want to know if you would like to have a collaboration where you would make the animation based on the content I will give you. Please respond to this email for further details.

Thank you,
Regards Insight
hi @nerf2032,

this user hasn't logged on to yttalk since 2019. You can see that this post was created and last replied to over 2 years ago. All that to say, they likely will never see your reply.
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ps. welcome to the forum - best of luck with your videos