Voice Acting Looking to add voice actors to my team for Surreal comedy/drama animations

44023Hey, everyone! I'm looking to add temporary/permanent voice actors to The Crazed Side! The animations are mainly surreal parodies as well as a main serialized webseries.

Voice actors need to be above 11 years old. Experience isn't required, but you must be willing to practice and get better at voice acting.

Please note: The Crazed Side is a small channel at the moment, so don't expect to get tons of subs from this and there's no money I can offer at the moment [ tho I'll give credit and post a link to your channel in the animation you're in btw]. However, I do feel like there's lots of potential with The Crazed Side. It could grown into something big one day. For now though, you should mainly want to collab or be part of the team for fun, rather than gain at this time.
If interested, email me at jdalturre@thecrazedside.com and I'll discuss what you'll work on at first. Thanks for reading this!