Storytime Animation Video Review Request

Video: Attacked by a stingray (on a nudist beach with my parents ) Feat. Storyteller Adrian Davidson

Hi. I just acquired/took over a channel but I’m effectively “starting over” because I’m changing the demographic and the types of stories. It used to be more fake, “actually happened”-style, shock value stories but now will be a real people storytelling vibe. I’m collaborating with or hiring storytellers to write their real-life adventures and record them. I know the mismatch in subscribers and my current views will hurt me temporarily but hopefully, I’ll establish myself with a new audience over time.

This is the first video posted by me on this channel and I’m looking forward to hearing how I can improve.

My own thoughts:
  • I’m working within the limitations of doing an “illustrative” whiteboard-style animation moderately well, but it falls short of what can be done if it was a full traditional animation style. I add touches of traditional animation to keep things dynamic when the drawing is idle. I will try to continually improve here.
  • I think the thumbnail is okay and sets expectations for what the video will be like. The photo of the storyteller helps add relatability and validates these are real human stories. Maybe I should add “Sketch My Story” title on the thumbnails to brand it more and set expectations that it is a storytelling illustration video.
  • The story is really funny. The only thing it might lack is a "connection" element (e.g. who the character/speaker is why the audience should care.)
  • The intro could be catchier and may not hook viewers into the story well.
  • The voice energy/emotion could be a little bit higher in the beginning. The quality of the audio is mediocre and has an echo.
  • I don’t think I’m communicating what the channel is about very well. Maybe a short title screen with something like “real stories, real people” or “real-life stories that inspire, amaze, or are just plain funny”?
  • Do you have a different option on any of the self-review points? I’d like to hear them!
  • Do you find the animation style engaging enough?
  • What's your demographic and did you like the video enough to feel like you wanted to see more stories?
  • What would you recommend improving the most?
Thank you! – Mary