1. Sketchbook Stories Nova

    Storytime Animation Video Review Request

    Video: Attacked by a stingray (on a nudist beach with my parents ) Feat. Storyteller Adrian Davidson Hi. I just acquired/took over a channel but I’m effectively “starting over” because I’m changing the demographic and the types of stories. It used to be more fake, “actually happened”-style...
  2. eryn

    Art Video Ideas

    I thought about becoming an art youtuber that tells stories through drawing! I'm completely at a loss though, what should I make for my very first video? I could do an about me, but I feel that's too typical. Any ideas? If not, send me a question you'd like me to answer!
  3. Dr. Creepster

    Looking for channel feedback :)

    Hey people! I am looking for some feedback on my channel since i'm not quite sure if i got everything right. I am a Horror storyteller btw :) What i am mostly concerned about is: -Level Between Voice and music -Is the mic good enough? -is the voice acting okay or am i better off without it? -Is...
  4. Rowan Oakley

    Voice Acting Various voices needed for Storytelling

    Hi all! I'm looking for a variety of voices to read stories. I don't know everyone I'll need casting for at this stage, but for now I suspect I'll need: - A woman. Any description would be fine, and this would be for a mermaid character - Somebody with an Italian accent, either male or female...
  5. Mr. McSwizzle

    Where did the STORYTELLING go???

    We all love YouTube. Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube, its the one thing that i'm truly passionate about, like many of you. 2016 may just have been the year of CLICK-BAIT. I'm sure you've all seen it, (GONE WRONG) or (IN THE HOOD). Its like the creative aspect of YouTube went down the drain...
  6. The Beginning Vlogger

    From 640x480 Grainy Pixels to YouTube

    ***Skip to last paragraph for the actual question, but you're still welcome to read the preceding paragraphs :smug: Hey guys! So I've been making little movies highlighting the good and bad moment in life for quite sometime, way before someone even decided to call them "vlogs". I never really...
  7. Nathan Haych

    WHICH ONE!!? Talking vlogs or Visual/Storytelling?

    Do you prefer talking vlogs or visual/storytelling vlogs? I personally, prefer to watch short films/storytelling/visual vlogs, BUT daily Vlogging really interest me if the vlogger knows how to capture nice visuals. Which one do you prefer?
  8. Julius Gacgacao

    I need a opinion

    Simple ideas I just wanna know if it's good.
  9. Justine

    Cheating Story + Overwatch Gameplay

    So I kinda didn't want to post this but then again I feel better now that I did. Basically, this is just a story time video (with some awesome Overwatch gameplay in the background) where I talk about my experience with being cheated on...yeah you're in for a ride if you watch this oh my gosh...
  10. J

    My Second attempt at Telling a story! How did I do?

    Hello everyone! I recently told a story on my channel about the time an Old Man almost ran one of my friends over with his truck. I would love some feedback on how I did. Was the story engaging? Funny? Was the quality good? Would you watch another video like this? Thanks for any feedback!
  11. Jamie Taylor

    Video Essay Topic - Film/Cartoons

    I do video essays at the moment and I really want to know any ideas I can have for a topic. I can't really think right now.
  12. UnaverageNorwegian

    Storytelling feedback

    Hi guys, as usual i posted a new vlog today, and im basically just wondering if you guys could check it out, and hopefully give me some feedback on my "storytelling" or that "thin red line" that should run through the whole story... Im fairly new to the vlog world, but for those of you who read...
  13. Jawad Soomro


    Introducing the story part on the GAMING JOJO channel. Kreepy K is the story of brother and sister known as Kevin and Kelly. Kevin was murdered mysteriously and the story progresses with lot of twists and turns. I hope you will enjoy my story. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS MOST WELCOME. Story...
  14. DreamyIsRight

    My First YouTube channel: DreamyIsRight!

    Hello everyone! A couple days ago i finally decided to create a YouTube channel. I have always been interested in storytelling and commentaries, with some gameplay playing in the background. I took some time to make a good avatar, thumbnails and banner, and I just uploaded my first video (Just...
  15. Aro-En

    My Love Triangle Story

    Ever been in a love triangle? So was I, here's my story...
  16. Aro-En

    Storytelling vlogs with cliffhangers??

    Hey all, Aro-En here I used to just talk about anything in my vlogs now I wanted to do ones where I tell stories in them. Kinda like SwooZie. I want to spice it up a lot so it doesn't seem copied and pasted, so I'm thinking of doing it with cliffhangers...this video is a sample of one. Tell...
  17. It's Lenka

    Vlogseries - How to run a game? Audience engagement experiment

    Hey guys, I'm still a new youtuber, so I would really appreciate your input here, because I'm experimenting with something on my channel. So I've created a series called The Double Agent Diaries, where I'm telling a story (improvising) of a spy on a mission undercover as a nanny in 30s-1min...
  18. GottaCatchDimal

    Any fellow story tellers out there?

    My channel is based on telling stories about my self and eventually I might branch out into making fictional stories or using other people's stories. I'm also trying to make it based on my voice and personality too! So if there is anyone out there who likes to tell stories about themselves or...