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Hey guys! So I've been making little movies highlighting the good and bad moment in life for quite sometime, way before someone even decided to call them "vlogs". I never really shared them with anyone, but for the most part I simply enjoyed creating stories and didn't necessarily want to make them public. My very first videos were a compilation of some 640x480 grainy pixels of me annoying my little brother, pushing him to a point where I knew I'd get some great footage! However, that's going back about 17 years ago, and if I did that today it would probably become some viral video of my getting served. Fast forward all these years and I still create videos, but like any proud parent, this time they are mostly of my kids.

Well, I don't want to make this too long! To read more about how I embarked on this journey of video making you can read the thread I just created introducing myself here: http://yttalk.com/threads/started-with-windows-movie-maker-in-1999.248549/

Question: Most would describe me as a very social person in real life; however, since I never really created videos for a public audience before, sometimes I lack the personality to create content that has more of a vlog feeling (the style I'm going for). Long ago when I started recording videos on my old wireless battery powered webcam (fancy! I know), I was mostly talking to the camera as if I was directly talking to my cousins who I grew up with, but was now separated from after moving to the U.S.. Going back to my question, without knowing who my viewers are I find it challenging to develop a dialogue with the lens. For the most part, I simply enjoy documenting moments and telling the story through cinematography, but I don't want that lack of connection to the viewers to hurt the potential growth of my channel. I just uploaded 2 fresh new videos to my new channel that may give you an idea of what I'm talking about... Any thoughts or idea? I know that there is no right or wrong answer, but in your opinion can I create a quality audience without constantly engaging with the viewers?

Thank you for your valuable feedback!