1. Peach Romance

    Message of Hope

    "Keep going" is short movie I created in this period of time when everything seem strange and we have to face new ways of living due the pandemic of Covid-19 We might lose control and worry about the future but the world still have so much to offer if we keep going.
  2. Peach Romance

    How to find inspiration and nourish you creativity

    I made a documentary film that talks about art creation process through the work of a young canadian artist.
  3. J

    Made it to 100!

    After starting in January of this year, and making 9 vlogs - and being stuck at 99 subs for like 3 weeks lol - we finally got to 100! I've got some tutorial ideas that I will be shooting soon, so hopefully growth will continue to increase :) It's always a great motivation to see numbers going...
  4. Vlogify

    An EXTRAVagant Party

    My first time using a decent dslr camera, the Canon 80D. Had to break her in at my first place with my favorite people during my favorite time of year. Hope y’all enjoy and subscribe if you did!
  5. The Unwanted Letter

    t3i noisy footage

    I keep seeing people on youtube get so much good quality shots with this camera but no matter how many lights i use or how wide open my aperture is, as long as i try to keep contrast in the shot it becomes noisy like this i really dont like it and would love some advice as to how i could fix...
  6. The Beginning Vlogger

    From 640x480 Grainy Pixels to YouTube

    ***Skip to last paragraph for the actual question, but you're still welcome to read the preceding paragraphs :smug: Hey guys! So I've been making little movies highlighting the good and bad moment in life for quite sometime, way before someone even decided to call them "vlogs". I never really...

    Feedback on cinematography and entertainment value?

    I am brand new YouTuber and have been trying to produce videos weekly. However, I am wondering if my videos are good quality, such as are they entertaining? Is the camera work good?Is the editing good? Here is my recent video. Please check it out and let me know! Thank you!
  8. Yusef472

    Does anyone here use a Canon 60D?

    Hey! What are your thoughts on the Canon 60D? I'm thinking of buying one for some basic cinematography. I have heard good reviews about it however it never hurts to have extra help in deciding on something like this! Any advice is much appreciated... Would love to hear from your personal...
  9. K

    Let me know how I can improve this short video

    please give feedback <3
  10. K

    I want to improve my videography.

    I have one of the best channels on the internet, and I am a filmmaker wishing to grow my audience I have been doing it for a month and so far have been very successful, I have done no advertising up to this point, but I want to expand to a larger audience as I know people will enjoy my content...
  11. Sam Forrest

    How to post more often/regularly???

    My channel is a film making channel and I really enjoy the cinematography. However, this doesn't really lend itself to being able to produce content very regularly because my videos usually come from when I'm on holiday. My question is, how can I produce regular content while still being able to...