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I have one of the best channels on the internet, and I am a filmmaker wishing to grow my audience I have been doing it for a month and so far have been very successful, I have done no advertising up to this point, but I want to expand to a larger audience as I know people will enjoy my content. Please give me feedback on my videos, it would be very helpful


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I like your films. I like the way you edit with short clips, slow motion and the forward and reverse that you do. You have some creative camera angles without being too over the top. Sometimes even a 50 second film can seem like a long time if the viewer is not engaged, but your films seemed over in a flash. I like your thumbnails as well and your titles. I know you must have worked really hard on your films, but to me, as the viewer, they just felt easy, fresh and fun to watch. Well done. I wish you all the best!
I really liked your videos man! The camera angles, chill music, and content make it feel really artistic. My first thought was, well what's the point of these videos. But then I thought, why does it need a point? It can just be there to show the artistic look the videographer wanted to share. Nice videos man, I can really dig em.