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  1. Stefan Ivanov

    New to the game!

    I am glad to find some competent people to help me out in a purely human way. Just at the start of a video gaming posting entertainment on youtube, I ask for help from some who want to be collaborators. My name is Stefan, and I found some time to make gaming videos and am very interested in the...
  2. gettingfitdonewtw

    Low sub growth beginning stages.

    Hi. We are Getting Fit Done, Chalice and Christie's World Tour Workout. We are two cousins touring the world of fitness and trying out one sport at a time. First sport is Muay Thai. IMO, we have four high quality, highly edited videos on our Youtube channel, with cool and interesting content...
  3. Pegboardnerd101

    Other Looking for food video collabs

    Hey guys! I'm a new Youtuber looking to do food collabs. My channel is based around grocery shopping on a budget. If you have any videos having to do with food, then I can let your audience know where to buy it, how much it costs, the nutrition facts, and more! Let's connect! My Channel: Ms. Amina
  4. Chazilicious

    Setting up a new channel

    Sorry for such a noob sounding question. I set up my YT account fifteen or sixteen years ago and back then, you’d create a “personal” account/channel and then create other channels that were connected to that. I did that; created a personal channel, then set up a channel to showcase my...
  5. GlitchHorizonTV

    Gaming Gaming collaboration

    Aye just made a new channel and im looking for other people to join me. I don't really care how many subscribers you have lmao. Just be around my age so like 17-25 and please be able to joke around with me lmao I play on pc and xbox. pc game: csgo minecraft Xbox: call of duty games gta5...
  6. B

    London - looking for nerdy/unfit/skinny person (18+) to become a face of the channel | all tech provided

    Hi All, I am looking for a nerdy/unfit type of a guy/girl/adult person (18+) to start a YouTube channel about sports, sounds weird right? Keep on reading ;) Idea: Every week that person tries new sport yoga, dancing, martial arts, water sports, literally anything. We record first and only...
  7. kenziecantdraw

    How to Stay Motivated When Subs Are Dropping

    I started building my channel in Fall of 2018. By December I had over 700 subscribers. Unfortunately, due to a mental health issue, I had to take a break from YouTube and was inactive for 6 months. During that time I lost a couple subs, but mostly gained. I was even invited to become a...
  8. R

    Want to start new channel with vps

    Hello friends, I want to start my another new channel with creative commons video compilation in vps computer. But i am confused if loss my previous channel. If you know about this, please inform me. I am waiting your opinion. Thank you.
  9. B

    New channels get millions views? HOW?

    Hi guys, need your help and guesses. I keep finding new kids channels with millions views on first videos. How come??? They all opened 1-3 months ago and already have millions views! I don’t believe it’s luck. You can be lucky with one video, but not all! I also see that they don’t seem to have...
  10. RuuD

    Advice for YT Noobs

    As someone that just got their channel setup, not completely just got some graphics and extra work to do but when im done i want to know how to spend my time wisely on and how to help myself grow. I plan on doing gaming videos/let's plays/walkthroughs. Mainly playing single player games but...
  11. Cory91

    Wrestling Channel Review

    Hey Everybody! We have a wrestling channel called Dear Wrestling, from out first video to our newest I think there are giant improvements as adding text, graphics, new setting, etc. I just think there can always be new ways to improve your content and I wanted to get some suggestions from any of...
  12. LCGaming

    New Year, New Channel

    Hey everyone, this is Garrett and Jordan finally back on the YTtalks forums and we hope that everyone had a wonderful 2018 year and wonderful holidays. We would first like to thank everyone who has checked out our content even if you did not subscribe for whatever your reason may be the fact...
  13. EpicCrusher

    Something I could do better on my channel?

    Hi I have almost just started my channel EpicCrusher, uploading first video soon.. So I just wanted to ask if some of you could give me honest answer on how you think my channel is? something I missing or has done wrong? Something I can do better? Thanks! Best regards EpicCrusher
  14. S

    Starting a new channel! (My First Video)

    Hey guys and welcome to my new channel! I'm looking to do mostly funny moments videos on my channel so if you're into that type of stuff feel free to check me out and leave some feedback. I'm also still trying to develop my editing style so if the editing seems kinda random I apologize. Anyway...
  15. I

    Changing channel direction, should I start from scratch?

    I have been posting content to my youtube channel for around 2 years, and am about to make a whole lot more videos more consistently. However, I was wondering if it is better that I start a new channel instead of use my current one. My main reason: I am looking to make more family friendly/less...
  16. Sketch30Films

    10 subscribers...making the big...videos?

    But seriously thanks to the 12 people who at least found me somewhat enjoyable to watch.. I do have a plan for when I reach 50 subs, but that all depends on if people choose to subscribe to me. 12 aint too shabby thought
  17. Sketch30Films

    Mr. Forgetful Part 2 on my channel!!!

    I'm currently filming mr. forgetful part two on my youtube channel. If you haven't seen the first one it's quite okay And if you haven't Subscribed yet, click my button that will link you to my channel!!!
  18. kenziecantdraw

    First Videos Are Up This Week/ Looking for Other Small YouTubers to Befriend

    Hey everyone! My name is McKenzie, I'm 23-years-old and after years of planning to start a YouTube channel, I've finally started uploading my first videos. Today (technically yesterday, I suppose), I uploaded my "Get to Know Me | "New YouTuber Tag" video, tomorrow's video is, "I Was Almost...
  19. L

    Gaming Collab Test

    Hey I'm hosting a 'test collab' on Left 4 dead on the PC. If you're interested, just leave a comment and I'll leave you my discord. I'll be recording our game play and might even upload the footage. We can do a one-on-one, or as a group if we have enough people for a group. If you have any...
  20. L

    Gaming New and Looking For A Collab Group!

    Hey! I've decided to make a new channel and I'm looking for a chill group of people to collab with. I haven't uploaded anything yet, because I'm making sure I have everything I need, but this is the last thing I need! I'm primarily a Xbox One player but I'm slowly switching to PC. I really just...
  21. W

    What are some good tips and strategies for a new vlogger?

    I just started my vlogging channel and would like some help on how to create a brand around it. How to create story within the Vlog? How to make engaging content that viewers want to watch and how to engage with the viewers? Any and all tips and strategies to help me reach an audience and help...
  22. C

    Gaming PS4 Gaming (Overwatch?)

    Hello! I am looking for more people to play with on PS4. I definitely prefer to find more people to play Overwatch with. If there's anyone 16+ out there looking to find other players that would be perfect! I am a very baby channel so anyone would be greatly appreciated!
  23. K

    Commentary Looking to start a commentary/review channel

    Hi all, i am looking to start a review channel, and looking for someone to help me, they can do the videos and i can upload them, i will market, i am more on the dev and business side of things and ideas, it can be paid work, or free, and once an income starts coming in everybody gets paid i...
  24. A

    New Channel New Ideas!!!

    Hello guys! Im here to create a discussion about new ideas that people should do about comedy or with skits! Any ideas will be looked at and I myself may recreate them and tag you, your yt or you name! Goodluck and have fun!
  25. TheWelshLife

    Gaming Xbox gamer looking to make great videos!

    Hello everyone, I am Dylan from TheWelshLife and im looking for anyone to make great content! I have a wide range of game selection so we are never limited to what we have! If you, like me, want to grow on youtube then i think working together is the best option! sharing opinions, content and...
  26. oranges

    Relaunch abandoned channel or create a new one?

    Hello all, I have a big doubt... I'm developing the concept for a new YouTube project, but... I don't know where to apply it. Should I launch the project using an old YouTube channel, already with 80 subscribers, that has not seen a new upload since 1 year or more and had 1 strike in the past...
  27. R

    Is it important to post immediately w/ a new channel?

    So, I'm considering starting a new/side channel for a number of reasons, and because I'm not quite ready to post on it just yet anyway, I figured I could just create the channel rn and then wait the 30 days until I'll be able to give it a unique channel name, that way I'll be able to easily...
  28. Lukerz

    Question About YouTube Names

    Hey all! I started a YouTube channel the other day with the name "Nexen" however, later I found out another larger youtuber (Nexen4games) had a similar name. So I was wondering, would it be a good idea to change my name before I really get started on my channel? This other Youtuber, Nexen4Games...
  29. Julie Nicole

    Should I start from scratch?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently contemplating abandoning my current channel and creating a new one for a few of reasons. First off, I want to start making more videos focused on engineering, college, and tips for high school. As of now, pretty much all of my videos are about fashion or are vlogs...

    Just Glue It, episode #1 - New interactive YT Gameshow, thingy

    We invite you to participate in this all new channel idea, although it has just began, it is off to a good start and would appreciate your tips and advice in making it better!