New Year, New Channel


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Hey everyone, this is Garrett and Jordan finally back on the YTtalks forums and we hope that everyone had a wonderful 2018 year and wonderful holidays. We would first like to thank everyone who has checked out our content even if you did not subscribe for whatever your reason may be the fact that people are viewing our content and possibly enjoying it gives us the motivation to keep creating. We apologize for the lack of uploads for the past months or so we haven't really had the time to do anything with the channel due to the fact that we were busy helping and spending time with our families for the holidays but Garrett and myself were talking and we have made some changes to this channel. As of today Saturday, January 12, 2019 we will no longer be known as LCGaming. From now one our channel will be called OrthxGaming and we even came up with a name for our community which will be known as Hell-hound Nation. We wanted to create a name that would make us stand out as a channel. If you would like to hear why we did so I will post the announcement video below. But thank you to everyone who viewed our content and supported what we did and what is a new year without a new year's resolution? Our new years resolution will be to get 150 subscribers by the end of this year and we can only do that with the help of you and everyone you can share our channel with. We appreciate you all and hope that you enjoy our content that is coming this year. We feel that 2019 will be a good year for us and as always this is Garrett and Jordan from OrthxGaming and we will see you in the next post, peace out.

Hey man, just coming back to my channel for the new year as well! I look forward to seeing the content you two put out!
Also never forget that change is hard at first but most of the time it's for the better