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    Hey guys and girls, feel free to go check out our new video up on our channel we are starting to get into Apex Legends and starting to get a feel for it. Don't forget to like comment and subscribe!! :)
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    New Channel

    Hello everyone, if you guys don't remember Garrett and myself started a gaming channel in October of 2018 and called it LCGaming. With the new year, we decided to take the channel in a different direction. So we came up with a new name, channel art, and logo. We would love and appreciate it if...
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    Finally bringing you guys back some Outlast. Such a great game and I am having so much fun playing it, go check it out if you would like and watch me scream.
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  5. LCGaming


    What going on guys it's Jordan and I am currently taking a break from outlast and will resume that next week when I am in a more comfortable setup, but until then I have some black ops 4 gameplay that you should go check out. Hope you guys Enjoy!!!
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    New Year, New Channel

    Hey everyone, this is Garrett and Jordan finally back on the YTtalks forums and we hope that everyone had a wonderful 2018 year and wonderful holidays. We would first like to thank everyone who has checked out our content even if you did not subscribe for whatever your reason may be the fact...