London - looking for nerdy/unfit/skinny person (18+) to become a face of the channel | all tech provided


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Aug 6, 2019
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Hi All,

I am looking for a nerdy/unfit type of a guy/girl/adult person (18+) to start a YouTube channel about sports, sounds weird right? Keep on reading ;)

Idea: Every week that person tries new sport yoga, dancing, martial arts, water sports, literally anything. We record first and only training where that person suffers through and comments on the experience. The aim of the show is to make people laugh, tell them about sports available out there and show them that anyone can try and there is no need to be shy if you have no experience.

I provide:
  • Filming equipment (camera, gopro, microphones, lightning)
  • Video montage (have been putting videos together regularly for 2 years now)
  • Ideas generation for new videos
  • Gathering contacts of potential training spots/venues/groups
I am looking for:
  • Skinny/slightly obese person
  • Low or no experience in any sports
  • Fluent English speaker with clean pronunciation who can make jokes on the go and who will make suffering look like fun
  • Getting in contact with coaches/sport clubs with requests to join the raining, explaining what we are doing and getting permissions to film.
  • Taking responsibility for marketing of the video (Video naming, descriptions, tags, hashtags. Social media promotions. Posting on Reddit and other platforms)
Associated training and travel costs can be shared, or covered by me depending on the price. Personal transport is available if travel outside of London is required.

Will be waiting for responses.

Thanks for reading
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