New channels get millions views? HOW?


Hi guys, need your help and guesses. I keep finding new kids channels with millions views on first videos. How come??? They all opened 1-3 months ago and already have millions views! I don’t believe it’s luck. You can be lucky with one video, but not all! I also see that they don’t seem to have big channels as friends. They don’t show number of subscribers as well. So where is their traffic coming from??? Where did they invest?
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Currently the YouTube algorithm seriously favourites kids content. Kids are the ones tapping play on their tablet and just watching hours and hours of autoplayed content, and so that's why so many of these kids channels are successful, they're incredibly favoured by the current algorithm. I wouldn't get too down about it, unless these are your direct niche competitors I wouldn't worry about it, it's just the way the system works right now.