1. B

    New channels get millions views? HOW?

    Hi guys, need your help and guesses. I keep finding new kids channels with millions views on first videos. How come??? They all opened 1-3 months ago and already have millions views! I don’t believe it’s luck. You can be lucky with one video, but not all! I also see that they don’t seem to have...
  2. SillyVoid

    How to advertise properly

    The other day I was told by someone that the reason my videos aren't being viewed is because I'm not advertising properly but I wasn't able to ask how to do so. So please can anyone please give some advise on how to effectively advertise my videos. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. GlobalDayz


    Can anyone tell me if it's common for youtube to remove ads from preexisting vids & stop placing ads on new vids even while the green $ monetized icon is next to the videos?? Why would they do this & how do I fix it..I've sent feedback etc & still no ads...I've uploaded new content that's ultra...
  4. javacentral

    Trying out Adwords, your experience?

    So I figured, eh I got about 25 extra bucks this month, I'll try out an adwords account. Have you tried Adwords? How'd it go?
  5. Rquerd

    What are some tricks to get a fan base on Facebook?

    I have been really confused about this for a while now. When I created a Facebook dedicated to my YouTube channel, I have only received 1 follower and that's a friend of mine. I would love to use Facebook to advertise my videos but how can I when there's no one that can see my posts? Any...
  6. zaffron

    Cost of (Online-AdS) VS (TV-Ads)

    Hi everybody, i have a question regarding the cost of online advertisement and the question is more related to online marketing. why the cost of advertisements in classical media (TVs , Newspapers & Radios ) is much higher than the cost of online marketing (ex: adsense cpc). i always thinking...
  7. just Moto

    How to Successfully promote your videos through Facebook

    This is a strategy I employed over the last year and it was pretty good for anywhere between 300 - 3000 views each time I used it. There's a little effort on your part involved, so if hard works not your thing then neither is this tutorial haha. I would only recommend this for YouTubers trying...
  8. JadesGraphics

    Mad Catz R.A.T Pro X Advertisement Speedart (Photoshop)

    I just uploaded another Photoshop speedart, this week is a advertisement for Mad Catz gaming mouse R.A.T Pro X, let me know what you think of this design! Feedback is always appreciated!