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Can anyone tell me if it's common for youtube to remove ads from preexisting vids & stop placing ads on new vids even while the green $ monetized icon is next to the videos?? Why would they do this & how do I fix it..I've sent feedback etc & still no ads...I've uploaded new content that's ultra family friendly & still no ads. Is this considered being "blacklisted" so to speak? Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated...I've reached almost 4 million views & 5k subscribers since starting my channel 5 months ago & I'd hate to lose all that. Thx in advance for any reply.
This is common now. And not your fault. A lot of advertisers pulled their ads from Google, due to the controversy of their ads being placed alongside hate speech and edgy content. Many channels are not having ads displayed on their videos, even when the video is monetized. This is a scary thing. This means that there aren't enough advertisements out there to display for every view.
First of all ty for the reply...I knew about this UK incident that brought pressure down on Youtube about censorship after I realized a huge dropoff in traffic in the middle of last month & read the articles.. & I knew my content was in one of the main categories they were targeting. I had a sharp drop off around 2/16 but I was still getting paid for views because my views in youtube analytics matched up w/adsense but just yesterday I realized my google adsense views down 75%+ below my youtube analytic #s leading me to discover that a large majority of my vids that were marked as monetized, they all had no ads. Then what led me to create this post today is that now every video since then that I've uploaded & monetized, it's ad free.. Wouldn't they notify me, turn off my monetize button & disable my feature to monetize videos ?? I would think so if this were intentional otherwise i'm holding out w/hope that this is a glitch etc lol Also some of my vids are still monetized including the type of content that they were supposedly targeting. Is there a possibility this could be temporary or a glitch as I previously mentioned? Thx
YouTube hasn't notified anyone specifically. But they did state on Twitter: "We've identified a bug that is preventing the appeal of some demonetized videos. We're working on a fix ASAP."
But these only apply to videos that have just been demonetized completely. The videos that are monetized still have ads. But they have significantly less ads. Even channels with a million+ subscribers, like h3h3Productions are barely having their ads appear. Smaller channels are going to be having an ever tougher time having ads appear. There are still ads on your videos. But not every viewer will be able to see them like YouTube used to be. One out of possibly a few hundred or even thousand, no one even knows the proper ratio, viewers will see an ad on a smaller channel, to put it into perspective. And when we do get ads, they're not going to be ads for products people might actually want or need, since most of the big companies have dropped.YouTube's trying to sort itself out.
OK, So Youtube has just been boycott by just about every major company from what I've gathered. Lets assume that's the case & it's only going to get my question is, IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE? A video hosting site w/ad revenue....Something tells me if there isn't something close to youtube right now there will be someone to fill the void for censored creators who need a new platform in the very near future or a ton of people are just gonna be screwed.
OK, So Youtube has just been boycott by just about every major company from what I've gathered.
Not even close...Unless you have a link to a reliable source that confirms this, I would say, based on the major company ads that I still see, this is not the case.
Not every company but a lot of changes are happening due to it:!topic/youtube/09dw40n0iwY