1. F

    Something very important you have to know!!

    NEVER. NEVER. NEVER Delete your videos. I just got a video that I posted 2 years ago get picked up by the algorithm and gain 500.000 views in 1 week, and it seems like it's still growing. I didn't make a lot of money because the video was very short, but I gained a good chunk of subscribers, and...
  2. N

    Slideshow. Can this type of video be monetize ?

    Hello everyone, My friend recently started a travel channel on youtube and his pattern is relatively simple. It is a photo slideshow with informative text and music. Italy Top 3 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit - YouTube All his photos and music are taken on sites such as pexels...
  3. T

    How to grow your channel and get monetized?

    If you're serious about getting monetized and growing your youtube channel fast, then you've come to the right place. Matt Par is a youtuber who gives only the BEST tips and tricks that you can only find in his course! Just click the link below to get started. You'll get ✅ secret algorithm...
  4. C

    Hot Topic New monetization changes: 4k hours & 1k subs (**discussion here only**)

    They increased the req to get into it again.
  5. S

    How can these guys monetize anime?

    People say you can't even upload anime because it will get copyrighted right away. If that's the case, then how can people not only upload but also monetize them? And if you're gonna say they will get deleted soon, don't forget that there are anime videos uploaded more than 10 years ago. Here...
  6. C

    videos with famous songs lyrics

    I was about to post the video but it's not allowed. I want to post a video to show the lyrics of a song and show the lyrics translation piece by piece without the audio of the song. I posted a video like that 2 days ago and it hasn't been taking down yet (it has 200 views) - is it against the...
  7. Justin West

    How to Build an Email List from YouTube

    The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. Building an email list from YouTube is like planting a tree--it doesn’t start growing until you plant it, and once it grows it can give you value for life. You must have heard it before--”start an email list” or “build...
  8. Kinan Media

    please, forgive me

    I'm sorry if I hook you too deep, my love is just for you no one else ... this piece of story from this video hopefully not carried away feeling well?
  9. Love2Learn

    Monetization Question

    Hey guys & gals. First time poster here so "Hi" to everybody. This seems like a great community of content creators. I had a question regarding monetization. I have a totally newbie question. Iv'e recently been cutting pieces of my monetized videos into smaller clips and posting them to Youtube...
  10. Theawkwardbruhs

    Need Help with Monetizing

    I was wondering if should go with ad sense or a third party network. I did try going with freedom tv but I was not qualified. Apparently I had some issues. I was wondering if I went with ad sense would I qualify? My first video I ended up saying the f word. My 4th video it shows me using cocaine...
  11. O

    Ad Revenue Under Review and Sponsored Cards

    Hello, What does it mean when it says my ad revenue is under review but that i can still earn revenue through YouTube Red? Also what are Sponsored Cards in the monetize settings?
  12. TBCompilations

    Sponsorships. Where to begin..?

    I'm at the point in my channel where I need to start getting sponsorships to pay for all the time I spend doing YouTube. I have over 10k subscribers, and almost 4 million video views. I joined FameBit, but it doesn't seem to fit me. I'm a Compilations/commentary channel, I choose not to show...
  13. GlobalDayz


    Can anyone tell me if it's common for youtube to remove ads from preexisting vids & stop placing ads on new vids even while the green $ monetized icon is next to the videos?? Why would they do this & how do I fix it..I've sent feedback etc & still no ads...I've uploaded new content that's ultra...
  14. GlobalDayz

    Demonetized Age Restricted Video Workaround

    I was wondering if there is any kind of workaround for this problem that will allow you to keep revenue/views while creating a duplicate... I had a video get a 120k views today then it was age restricted & demonetized. I was curious whether or not it would be possible to create & monetize a...
  15. avilsd

    What's your CPM? (Kid-friendly channels)

    For my personal channel (obviously it's adult content) here are my stats: Lifetime: Playback Based CPM - $4.16 and normal CPM $3.45 Past 28 days: Playbacked - $4.91 Normal - $4.03 And this is of course just using the analytics tool (which means it only counts monetized views), so by going off...
  16. ZipZap Music

    I need help with monetizing!?

    On our channel we have like 6 lyric videos which have all gotten copyrighted of course, which is a problem. We were going to do lyric videos and see how things went and after earning over 20,000 sub's we decided to put the channel to use. Now that we want to monetize current videos that aren't...
  17. Koda James

    I lost my old channel, can I still make money?

    I had an old YouTube channel, but I lost it. So I don't know if I can monetize my videos again. If I do, will they automatically delete my channel or will they accept me? Also, I'm pretty sure I can join a network if I wanted to monetize my videos even though I can't do it via Google Adsense...
  18. AM2PM

    Monetize a supercut?

    I was wondering if you could get away with videos that cut movies to show every time someone says a word or does something. I've seen the commentary vids like cinefix with videos like 9 things you didn't know about Pulp Fiction. Could you frame it as trivia, like how many times does Eddie...
  19. Chewie's Video Club

    Adsense and Kids Channels

    Hey YTTalkers! I would love some insight into whether or not Adsense is worth it for kids-type channels. And if any of you have experienced this (what the Google Adsense Forum Expert says)...Here's the story... I posted in the Google Adsense Forum asking how-to stop or minimize inappropriate...
  20. A

    Which Monetize setting i choose and y?

    KIndly help regarding These settings in Monetizing ! What does this do?
  21. Benau

    When should I expect to see revenue (how many views)

    Hey all! Benau here, When should I expect to see revenue? I only have about 300 views total but see estimated earnings less than half a dollar. When do you usually see an increase?
  22. Tuurngait Gaming

    A Message to SMALL Channels.

    Hey I'm Tuurngait! So, I notice a decent amount of smaller YouTubers not even at 100 subs or even above 100 by a little, are monetizing their videos. DON'T. There are high odds people will leave your videos because of ads. They might not even know your channel, but they open it up and see an...
  23. Hendrik Kapp

    Should I monetize from the beginning?

    Should I wait until I have more subscribers before I start monetizing my videos? if so, when would be a good time to start monetizing?
  24. Ayden TravelsandToys

    To monetize or not to monetize?

    :) What are the pros and cons? What if you didn't monetize (and/or didn't learn how) and one of your awesome videos went viral overnight? Would you have missed an opportunity? :crying: What are your thoughts good people of YTtalk?
  25. Ayden TravelsandToys

    I make 5 cents a video. Lol.

    I spent so much time making videos that I'm getting 1¢ per hour after everything. Lol. Anyone else in the same boat? What is your motivation to keep moving forward?
  26. javacentral

    Best social media platform to monetize?

    I'm pretty active on Facebook and Instagram but wasn't sure which social media site would be best for monetizing since I'm slowly saving up some money to do so. I'm even considering doing a little campaign on reddit.
  27. MrSlippery

    To monetize or not to monetize (and if so, when?)

    I am in the process of getting ready to launch my channel, and I had a question about monetization. I wasn't planning on monetizing my videos, but after reading about it, I thought that it might not be such a bad idea. My channel is basically a series of videos to advertise a textbook I have...
  28. S

    Youtube Is forcing me to monetize videos that I don't own

    I woke up today to find that major number of videos in my channel have been "enabled to monetize with ads" which i don't want to because they're not mine, and i only shared them for informational purposes. When i edit the video to uncheck "Monetize my video with advertising" box and then save...
  29. T


    So I don't want to start from scratch cause i've asked for help from so many people but just wasted my time. Basically, I got a copyright strike. Only 1 copyright strike. Everything was fine but 3 weeks later my monetization was disabled out of nowhere. So I talked to the guy who claimed my...
  30. Curious World

    Do you monetize immediately?

    For those hoping to make money from YT, would you monetize your videos immediately, or wait until you have a decent amount of content and a following?