1. BookieBookie

    YouTube partnership = more views?

    Dear everyone, I just started out with my YouTube channel. It's about English literature and my mission statement is to encourage people to get into the classics, like Moby d**k and 1984 and such. (Unpopular subject, I know, but this is what I want to do.) Now, I'd love to reach out and be...
  2. Monetize Music 4U

    would love ot get my channel reviewd!

    for starters i need a better profile pic/banner since i dont have one really.. but feed back on the purpose of the video would be awesome! lol like is the instrumental good etc. working on having live animated visuals for the video its self.. but at least for my first video you can rate the...
  3. Riddikore

    Hot Topic Can You Monetize Your Video?

    Here are some snippets directly from the YouTube Help guide and community hub. Follow the links in the video and below for more details. F.A.Q. What kind of content can I monetize? Monetizing Video Game & Software content Monetizing Cover Songs How to enable monetization MCNs Full...
  4. S

    Low revenue!

    Hey there! I'm with the network Curse and i've got a question, my channel has got about 95k views per month of which about 85k of those are monetized. Our channel has a 1min and 55 sec average time watched per view. Our top countries who watch our videos are USA->RUSSIA->GERMANY->UK. We gain an...