Demonetized Age Restricted Video Workaround


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I was wondering if there is any kind of workaround for this problem that will allow you to keep revenue/views while creating a duplicate...

I had a video get a 120k views today then it was age restricted & demonetized. I was curious whether or not it would be possible to create & monetize a duplicate & make the original video private & still keep the 120k. Basically I am trying to keep the profit from the the 1st vid I uploaded that was restricted & store/make it private & then create a duplicate & try to remonetize to continue where I left off before the video was flagged & demonetized.I realize you might ask why try again if it was age restricted, & that is because I was wrongfully flagged & my appeal was almost insta rejected w/out consideration. Censorship is on the rise & political channels are being targeted if they don't go along with the narrative, but thats another story. Any help would be greatly appreciated. tyvm
I moved this to the Video Monetization / Partnership discussion forum. ^^ The YTtalk support forum is for specific forum-related questions and suggestions. The staff at YTtalk are not YouTube employees. :)

YouTube is looking into enhancing/fixing their restricted mode:

As for your video, I don't think there is a way to transfer views to another video. You might be able to use the YouTube editor to remove the part that you think may be making it demonetized/restricted, but I honestly wouldn't do that. The YouTube editor is a bit buggy.

If it were me, I'd leave things the way they are, and continue to make new videos, but that's probably not the answer you want to hear....