1. lonrot

    Should I appeal my video for fair use?

    I did a comedy critic about the misogyny of a music genre, which included extremely tiny clips of a song (CUATRO BABYS), this song was also commented and critiqued. There only two parts with this song, here: And here: The funny part is that...
  2. S

    Account suspended after 'information within legal request was fraudulent'

    So I received the email three weeks ago saying; We are concerned that some of the information within this legal request may be fraudulent. As a result, your YouTube account has been terminated. If you believe that all of the information you provided in this legal request was accurate, please...
  3. GlobalDayz

    Demonetized Age Restricted Video Workaround

    I was wondering if there is any kind of workaround for this problem that will allow you to keep revenue/views while creating a duplicate... I had a video get a 120k views today then it was age restricted & demonetized. I was curious whether or not it would be possible to create & monetize a...