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So I don't want to start from scratch cause i've asked for help from so many people but just wasted my time. Basically, I got a copyright strike. Only 1 copyright strike. Everything was fine but 3 weeks later my monetization was disabled out of nowhere. So I talked to the guy who claimed my video and he was a nice guy and so he retracted his claim. Now I HAVE 0 STRIKES but I STILL have my monetization disabled! When I went on support for disabled monetization it said one of the ways you can get it back is by resolving the copyright issue with the claimer and I DID! After that I talked to my partnership company but they said it was up to YouTube. They did give me a link to email YouTube support. BUT, to email support you have to have 15,000 watch hours in the past 90 days! Well guess what? I HAVE FREAKING 30,000 WATCH HOURS IN THE PAST 90 DAYS SO WTF WHY IS IT SAYING I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH. And then its saying if you still think your channel qualifies for email support check, "You'll see a contact us option in your account". WHAT FREAKING ACCOUNT? GOOGLE+ OR YOUTUBE???!?! WHEREEEEEEEEE IN MY ACCOUNT OF WHICHEVER FREAKING ACCOUNT THEYRE EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!?!? This is driving me nuts and for the first time ever my video was going viral and i'm getting around 100k views a day from it but no money at all which is ridiculous. I might even start a court case on this bull#$%^. PLEASE HELP!
The contact us button is buggy, doesn't show up for many channels that fall well within the criteria to receive support.

Monetization takes about 2 - 3 days to automatically re-enable itself after the copyright issues are resolved, but if it's been longer than that then I'd recommend reaching out to your MCN. They should be able to forward it to their partner manager and have it re-enabled for you.