1. A

    Help getting a channel back

    Hi! I'm arv_mad and I'm new to this community. I needed help with something and Google's Support Center was a bit confusing, and as I've seen, you're all so nice to each other and I think that's what I value the most, so I decided joining. So, in 2018/19, my little brother and I shared tablet...
  2. F

    Request Need New banner plus icon (free)_

    Hello, i am a small youtuber and imm not very good with making banners or icons so i would like to get one from anyone out there my channel is called fexen and i usally post brawlhalla videos(gaming) this would also double up as my icon in a group yt channel im in and would all together help me...
  3. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Proof That Tetris Makes You Gay

    I like Tetris. I like it a lot. Which is why I play it. And during my last playthrough of Tetris, one in which I livestreamed, I noticed something pretty weird that happened, sort of an unexplained phenomena. I decided to try and crack the case, get to the bottom of it, and figure out just what...
  4. SweetNaterTater

    Request New channel logo (Free)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can make me a new logo for my YouTube channel. What I would like the logo to have is a unique design of a creepy looking clown with red, and blood on the clown. I would like to have the clown smiling just like the clown I have right now for my logo. You can come...
  5. O

    Finished/Closed Delete this please

    Hi there everybody (This is my first time requesting something from a whole crowd of people XD) I've been needing a new banner for my channel since the one I made is really wonky looking and doesn't match my avatar at all. So I have my requirements down below, and if anybody interested comes...
  6. W

    Channel suspended for no reason?

    Have you seen IHE's video about his channel being taken down? "YouTube vs IHE 2017: Suspended For No Reason" I have the same problem, except i don't have a 1M+ sub channel nor am i a buddy with keemstar. So i don't expect youtube's official profile to send me an apology on twitter... and yet...
  7. ClimaxGaming

    Any Good Partnerships someone could tell me about

    Hey, I wanted to ask if there are any recommendations of a partnership (except Freedom) why except freedom? Because freedom takes so much taxes when I get the monthly money (I'm not English so I don't know how to say some words, sorry :P) And I don't have that many subscribers join famebit or...

    My Views on my video are frozen and I lost views !!! Pls help !

    Hey guys ! I recently posted a video and it racked up more than 313 views on the first night ! However, the next morning, the view count froze and then jumped down to 75 ! now its stuck at 105 ! :( Please help. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it or contact youtube to fix it ?
  9. CoreyPlays

    I don't know what to do and need help!

    So I created my channel for gaming and gaming stuff well I uploaded one vlog and it did very well and now it seems like my entire audience is here to see me doing vlogs or comedy skits but I want to do gaming uploads what do I do? If this post isn't allowed I apologize but it is very frustrating...
  10. Rev343

    Request Need an outro please...

    Hey, thanks for taking some time to read this.... So here is what I need, an outro that is themed around the pokemon Pumpkaboo. I have been going crazy trying to find a good outro, I also tried making my own and failed.... so yeah, I need you! I have no idea what you would like for payment...
  11. Matt360

    Request (free) Need some music

    In need of some fresh music (if you have time that is):pigeon: Reply to this if you have some fresh music Small rules 1.Don't copy:mad: 2.No copyrighted S#@t:mad: Reward: Credit you in my videos :thumbsup2: 100% will be ignored:alienphones:
  12. IshBuild

    Starting a woodworking tutorial channel - Any feedback and suggestions welcome!

    I've recently started a new channel offering easy builds for aspiring woodworkers to learn and build things themselves. Let me know what you think, Does it look professional enough? If anyone has any suggestions on what else I could build i would really appreciate it!! :D My Latest Video and...
  13. J

    ARE YOU READY KIDS? - SpongeBob SlendyPants

    Please SUBSCRIBE!! Thanks for watching!
  14. Sir Stellar

    Tips for growing a channel?

    when i first started my channel i was getting tons of likes, views and subscribers. recenlty ive hit a complete standstill and dont know what else to do. I think i have upped the quality of my content with the latest video i posted (THE HACKER EXPERIENCE). What are some ways you guys are getting...
  15. Sir Stellar

    In need of Constructive Feedback

    Hey guys, Sir Stellar here. I wanted to ask you guys if you can do me a huge favor of looking at my channel and videos and telling me anything i should change or improve or overall just do better in my vids. Any kind of criticism would be great. I also want to take the time and say thank you...
  16. TaiFighter

    Could you help me out please!

    it what be awesome if some of you come and checked out my YouTube channel and some of my videos! If you leave a comment saying what you think about the video I might go back and check on your channel! -thanks, TaiFighterVideo link:
  17. Mattaxol

    MORE WILLIS MISSIONS | Far Cry 4 (Feedback again please? :))

    Hi!! The last time I asked for feedback I got some really thoughtful constructive criticism, and I decided to try to take the feedback and use what you guys said, and so, can you please let me know how I did? Anything I should change?? Thank you :)
  18. Harmonic Music

    What needs to happen to earn money from monetization?

    Hey! I have a Music promotion channel where most of my videos are monetized. I see that some days, my cpm is very high, while other days, it`s at 0. My question: To earn Money, do People have to click on the ads, or do I earn anything from People just seeing the ads, but not clicking? Thanks for...
  19. Jake Shipe

    I'd Appreciate it if You Could Review My Newest Video

    Hey guys! So I've been doing youtube for close to a year now, and I'm really trying to make my video quality better. Do you think you could let me know how my quality is on my latest video? Feel free to be brutally honest ;)
  20. T


    So I don't want to start from scratch cause i've asked for help from so many people but just wasted my time. Basically, I got a copyright strike. Only 1 copyright strike. Everything was fine but 3 weeks later my monetization was disabled out of nowhere. So I talked to the guy who claimed my...
  21. Clockwork collective

    Lets start a convo..... Hows your hows mine ?

    Ive been a filmmaker commercially for years and would love to watch each and everyones more recent video and give them a review .. well more like my thoughts.. HIT ME its WORTH Hey Guys so me and a few of my fellow creative types started a channel for Vlogging and whatever take a look..
  22. TheChillGhost

    Request [Free] I need an outro!!

    Ok, so i know this thread was supposed to be for intros, but my outro is getting old and i was wondering if someone could send me a simple 2D one, preferably free. Money is tight
  23. TheChillGhost

    I am stuck!

    Ok, so i'm not really sure what kind of responses i'm expecting to get to this, but I have been stuck at 48 subs for over a month now and I don't know why. I still post, I still respond to comments, I advertise my channel. Maybe I just suck. Any tips?
  24. XaeolHD

    May I Have A Review?

    My channel is called XaeolHD. I mostly create gaming videos and talk about stuff that I want to talk about. I make my own art and animations (including my intro) and I make some music (although most of my videos use other people's music.) Don't go too hard on me! ;)
  25. FloridaBornDemon

    Request 3d intro? My budget is a little under broke o.o

    YEA IM JUST lurking around for the nicest person to make me a red intro that says DEMON thats all i will be super satisfied please read this completely kind person i know you will help me out :D thanks!
  26. caperco

    How do you make Q&A questions appear in your video?

    If anyone knows will someone make a tutorial or tell me how please!