In need of Constructive Feedback

Sir Stellar

I've Got It
Hey guys, Sir Stellar here. I wanted to ask you guys if you can do me a huge favor of looking at my channel and videos and telling me anything i should change or improve or overall just do better in my vids. Any kind of criticism would be great. I also want to take the time and say thank you beforehand.[DOUBLEPOST=1469157050,1469133005][/DOUBLEPOST]Every bit of feedback helps massively <3
Hi Sir Stellar!

-When I first click on your channel link, the first thing that comes to my eyes straight away is your thumbnail. You should make that blue become cyan-greenish (the same as your banner), this will make it more consistent!
-Make sure you put all the words in your title as TAG as well. It will help people find your video easier!
-When you do commentary videos, make sure to reduce the background music down a bit more because it still interrupts your talking atm. Also I would prefer non-vocal music. You can find tons of them on Google, Youtube, etc...
-Good voice and nice editing! Maybe you should work on 720p or maybe 1080p next time!

Keep it up!