1. MewOwO

    Gaming Alright you nubs

    Hey guys, I go by Mew and I'm looking for people to play PC games with! I completely one hunnit percent care about who you are but I was going to type I don't care who you are... so I felt bad and had to type the first part and then the explanation but whatever I WANT YOU TO ADD ME regardless of...
  2. Courtney Candice

    Videos that didn’t go as planned

    I had a special video I planned out for tomorrow, this was suppose to be my comeback video after not have a video for two weeks. The video was suppose to be a Halloween makeup look. I bought those temporary face tattoos for the look, I kinda knew the was a big chance that it might it work...
  3. Kolbee Squire

    Beauty/Makeup Guy who likes makeup

    So my videos are gaming, but I am also into makeup. Please dont judge, cause I get harassed enough at school. If you dont like, then move on. I'm not gay, I'm Bi:biggrin:. But if anyone wants to do a makeup collab, then hmu and we can talk more about the details.
  4. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Comedy Collab

    If anyone is wanting to do a collab then hit me up. I may be a small YouTuber, but I got big plans:). I honestly dont care how many Subs or views you have, were all in this for the fun of it. We dont even have to meet-up. Just internet and some device you can make videos with and you'll be fine.
  5. AjaxGLHF

    Review my first Video???

    Hi guys, i'm pretty new to YouTube so i was wondering if anyone could give me some honest feedback on my first video. iv decided to start off making gaming videos and if that doesn't take off then ill change and start making programming tutorials (or possibly both!!) but for the mean time i'm...
  6. Mattssassin

    Channel Reviews Welcome! Looking to Improve!

    Hey everyone, so I've had my channel for about two years now and have only 33 subs. not that I'm ungrateful for the support because all is really welcome, but I wanted to know some advice for growing the audience of my channel and wanted to also give it some exposure. So please, leave any...
  7. Sir Stellar

    In need of Constructive Feedback

    Hey guys, Sir Stellar here. I wanted to ask you guys if you can do me a huge favor of looking at my channel and videos and telling me anything i should change or improve or overall just do better in my vids. Any kind of criticism would be great. I also want to take the time and say thank you...