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Hey guys, I go by Mew and I'm looking for people to play PC games with! I completely one hunnit percent care about who you are but I was going to type I don't care who you are... so I felt bad and had to type the first part and then the explanation but whatever I WANT YOU TO ADD ME regardless of the game :D As long as it's fun and I have it, it's completely fine :D but if I don't have it then we're going to have to go through a process of looking through our libraries to figure s**t out prolly take like 10 business days and some shet but we can make things work so don't leave me Jenna.

But enough of that.

Games I like to play: Overwatch
Games that I play: Rocket League, Gmod (we can get some peeps together and play prop hunt or TTT, that would be cool), Minecraft, whatever the hells in my steam.
My skills: I can talk, I have problems, I can join a call with you while you play just for moral support, I get toxic and hit my desk when I'm losing my ow games and cry like a baby version of xQc, umm.. I dunno whatever else in between lol

I'm also 24, I didn't know if this was important.?

Discord: MewOwO#7800
Yo man i am toxic too we can both rage together (If you would consider collaborating with me). Would you collab on Fortnite? And I dunno if you would collab with someone with 11 subs?
Hey what's up man. I need to collab with someone before my channel dies and i found your post. I check out your channel and saw from the 3 video i found that you have quality videos. Would love to make some youtube magic with you. Let me know.