Starting a woodworking tutorial channel - Any feedback and suggestions welcome!


I've recently started a new channel offering easy builds for aspiring woodworkers to learn and build things themselves.

Let me know what you think, Does it look professional enough?

If anyone has any suggestions on what else I could build i would really appreciate it!! :D

My Latest Video and channel -
Very professional looking
For your intro though I'd suggest making giving it all the same effect as the "Easy builds". The drawing effect. Do the "IshBuild" part first though. You may also want to give it a drawing sound effect
At 1:28 the music kind of skipped. Try to prevent it from doing that in the future.
Also make some good channel art when you have the time.
Your intro and outro are really good though.
I'd suggest making a shelf that'll hang on the wall as your next one.
You could also make a display case
After that you could make a coffee table.