1. R

    "if this Copyright Claim is Valid: You dont need to take actions or delete your video" meaning?

    So if i recieve a copyrightingy called "you dont need to take actions or delete your video" does that mean im safe and i wont be banned and i dont need to delete the video? or i should be given 2 options: do nothing or delete your video? im confused since my english is not perfect. i got...
  2. B

    Copyright claims and monetization disabling.

    I have five copyright claims summary, and of what I read it is a safe number for monetization, furthermore, I know creators that have a lot more claims and they still have monetization, but I'd really like to hear any other opinions. These five videos are really important to me, and I already...
  3. tinydog

    Software/tool to detect music and dub over it or mute it? (music detection)

    Greetings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically detect when music (not speech or other sounds) is playing from a particular audio source, and either dub over it with different audio or simply mute it? Basically, I'm looking for a music detection tool. Example: I'm streaming a NASA launch...
  4. Ulysses90

    What does it mean ?

    What does it mean when there are many channels posting the same videos you post, but you are the ONLY one that gets strike and deleted videos, but the other channels still have those videos running ? Don't tell me they have permission, I'm sure 100% they don't.
  5. S

    Celebrity Images

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. My question is, if I wanna make a top 10 video for example "Top 10 most beautiful actresses" can I use images that I find on google and other sites? Like images taken from paparazzi or events such as red carpet. I will want to monetize this content. Thank you.
  6. R

    Uploading DJ Mixes to YouTube

    Hey, I'd like to ask if anyone knows if uploading a DJ mix to YouTube is possible without it getting taken down due to copyright strikes. I know that uploading original tracks by certain artists is possible because royalties will just end up in the hands of the original artist and that's...
  7. G

    Copyright claims

    Hello , I'm working with TV channel that have so many shows and series that have been spread out all over Youtube without their permission . Now we want to claim those videos and I don't know how , can somebody please tell me how do we claim those videos . shall we use a network if so then...
  8. C

    What's up with the YouTube Audio Editor?

    So we shot a documentary. A lot of work went into it. I chose to use an audio track that I felt may not be copyrighted being that I found it on a site that "claimed" it was remixed so it was royalty free. Apparently YouTube did not feel the same. Anyway, Long story short after uploading and...
  9. The NotARubicon!

    Difference Between a "Claim" and a "Strike" ?

    I have received many 'claims', several which I owned licenses for the content (music) and successfully appealed and a few that I just lived with the "cannot monetize video". The email messages from Youtube about these claims are very friendly with words like "Dont worry, your account is not in...
  10. L

    Channel Claimed by Rumblefish??

    Hi everyone i have a problem.... I decided to check out my channel on social blade and see what it has to say about my channel. However i noticed that it says my channel is claimed by a network called Rumblefish. I have never been contacted by them and have never attempted to make contact. I...
  11. ColbzVlogz

    URL Claiming back up!!

    Just giving everyone a reminder that if you've hit 100 subscribers within the past month and a half the URL claim system has been down AKA you couldn't get a custom URL after the 100 subscriber mark. It's back up for anyone looking to claim their custom URL! I just did :tongue::tongue:
  12. Thulium

    Fighting a false copyright claim on my video, mission impossible..?!

    Hello, I've got a false copyright claim from a company named SC Brand Tube on one of my videos, where I used music purchased from the leading royalty free music web site The music is Beethoven Symphony No. 7 performed by Wilfred Symphony Orchestra. I disputed the claim...
  13. T

    Gaming Collab Channels For Funny Moments And More. (PC)

    Hey ! My name is Nicco. I'm 17 years old and really like uploading videos on YouTube. I'm a serious YouTuber (not leaving) and i'm looking for people to collab and make both our experience and the audience's experience more enjoyable. I play on PC. Requirements: A decent microphone. A started...
  14. O

    YouTubes official blog says we have permission to upload copyrighted content

    YouTubes creator blog posted recently that record labels have a license agreement allowing content to stay up via content ID claims.Read what I attached.
  15. SandManOnly

    Copyright Claims!

    So I had an outro with a song called: Knife Party - Bonfire, and I have been using this outro for about 1 year or so and last week someone had the guts to copyright claim one of my videos only 1 because of the outro song -_- and I had to delete that video because the people who claimed the...
  16. Thulium

    Someone stole my music on YouTube and is selling it online.

    Hello everybody, Since many years I am happily monetising my videos on YouTube, most of them are my personal piano performances of famous piano pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc. Since the beginning of this month, I got some copyright claims from a company named EmpireDi, which...
  17. Kenny Duarte

    Can Claimant change his policies in the future.

    Question regarding Youtube's Copyright Claim. One of my videos has copyrighted content because of the song it has. " The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it. " I understand this message but, my concern is, if my video starts...
  18. AuthorFilms Studios

    Video claimed FOR NO REASON!!

    CD Baby is back at it again, with the claims and strikes. So, I uploaded a video today (scheduled for tomorrow at 8PM) that had the song "Joakim Karud - Love Mode" in it. As some of you may be aware, ALL his songs are licensed with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (Royalty Free with...
  19. T


    So I don't want to start from scratch cause i've asked for help from so many people but just wasted my time. Basically, I got a copyright strike. Only 1 copyright strike. Everything was fine but 3 weeks later my monetization was disabled out of nowhere. So I talked to the guy who claimed my...
  20. M

    Strike by Vydia.

    Hello, A week ago i got a message in my inbox. My video was claimed by a music network called Vydia. So when i was reading the message i was like laughing it was just stupid. My two year old video got striked. But the network has no prove of it that its their music. There was not even a link to...
  21. B

    How long does it take to remove a claim?

    My latest unlisted video was slapped by a copyright claim by its own game music. So I think "fine.. whatever. Remove it." Yet it's been 'editing' my video to remove the offending song... for over an hour; even longer than it took me to create/edit/upload. How long does it take to get this done?