Gaming Collab Channels For Funny Moments And More. (PC)


Hey ! My name is Nicco. I'm 17 years old and really like uploading videos on YouTube.
I'm a serious YouTuber (not leaving) and i'm looking for people to collab and make both our experience and the audience's experience more enjoyable. I play on PC.

A decent microphone.
A started YouTube channel. (You need to have a few videos posted to have the starting experience at least)
Be fun to play with and talky. (Not always serious without saying a word)
Be 15 at least.

Games i play:
Rocket League
Many survival games such as: Rust, ARK, H1Z1, Hurtworld, etc.
We can play COD if you want
Recently bought Minecraft to try it out

I'm willing to try any new game out. If you're interested, just post something below or add me on Skype/Steam.
Skype: T1T4N. I have a picture of YouTube
Steam: T1T4N. I have a picture of YouTube
Those are all really amazing fun game! Was trying to see your channel but could /: Sounds like you have awesome content!