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  1. Stefan Ivanov

    New to the game!

    I am glad to find some competent people to help me out in a purely human way. Just at the start of a video gaming posting entertainment on youtube, I ask for help from some who want to be collaborators. My name is Stefan, and I found some time to make gaming videos and am very interested in the...
  2. Rein171

    Gaming Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0

    Who here likes war games? Come join..!! we share the gameplay here,. You can also see my channel to see the games I play. currently I play "Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0" game,. what game do you guys play,.?? Let's talk about the game here Share information and what games do you like,.!? My...
  3. D

    Other Minecraft collab Request

    Hello! I have a small YT channel, and was wondering if anyone would like to collab and join a MC server to record/stream.
  4. T


    Yooo Cory been dropping some Heat
  5. M

    Gaming Collab in Canada

    My name is mite am an upcoming youtuber. I am looking for a team of youtubers no matter the subscribers Requirements 1. Must be in canada 2. Must play minecraft 3. Must be 13 and above 4. Must have a microphone or anything else as far I can hear you 5.Must either be a youtuber ot twitch...
  6. T

    Gaming I’m trying to make a big crab games collaboration video and possibly more in the future with other games!

    Hello all! I’m trying to create a crab games video but it wouldn’t really be funny if it was just me and one other person. So why not make a big group? I just wanna make the video as obnoxious as possible and while myself can be pretty obnoxious it’ll be funnier if we had a full group just...
  7. Roldoy

    I'm here to gossip and promote my channel

    Write anything you want in the comments !
  8. bhardwajzone

    #1 Youtube Tag Extractor

    Youtube tag extractor helps you see the hidden video metadata that helps video to rank and searched on the right keyword. You can use that in your videos too to achieve that ranking and searchablity
  9. hazzel

    How to make FAST MONEY as a TEEN ($1000 IN A WEEK)

    HEY HEY HIII hello guys,Being a teenager is a difficult stage when it comes to making money, but with the digital age it is easier than you think!
  10. M

    Gaming Minecraft

    I am a YouTuber I post fun Minecraft videos and would appreciate it if you checked me out.
  11. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Looking for Content Creators

    Hello everyone my name is ReMixz. I'm a live streamer on twitch. I'm looking for anyone that wants to join in a upcoming community with streamers and youtubers. I have a discord made already but I'm going to rework it since it die down throughout the months since I was busy with school. The...
  12. N

    Is this normal ?

    Hey guys new here . I have been on YouTube about a year with not really making it priority at first just uploading gameplay. I decided to be a Fortnite content creator and live streamer. I have been live streaming on youtube for about 6 months. . I average about 10-15 Viewers. After a year...
  13. TheRafter

    Channel growth not quite there

    I need help. I put serious work into my youtube videos (at least my most recent ones), yet I have a friend that has uploaded a quarter amount of the videos and puts less effort into them, yet still is growing faster than me and gets 4x more views on each video. The content types are pretty...
  14. Mobileidiotgamer

    Gaming Looking for anything

    Hey, I've got about 500+ Subs on YouTube and, even though I haven't posted on this website in forever, I'm looking for some people to f**k around and play games with. I've got Stardew Valley, MC, GMod, Terraria, Dead By Daylight, and a lot other games to mess around with. Don't care about...
  15. omodenyel

    Gaming Gaming collab with me??

    Hey everyone, I want to create an entertaining video on youtube. It doesn't matter if you have 0 or more subscribers, just be active always. Our focus will be having fun, entertaining, and bad words are allowed but not too much. It'll be great if we stay together in a long-lasting group. GAMES...
  16. TheSoi2

    Gaming Empty

  17. TheSoi2

    Gaming A Collaboration Community Server

    Hello everyone my name is Soi! I'm a streamer/youtuber trying to look for youtubers/streamers or even just gamers in general who want to collaborate or just have people to play games with. The games people have so far are Minecraft, CSGO, Rainbow, OW, Rocket League and Among Us, Cold War and...
  18. R

    Gaming Looking to make a PS4 Youtube Group!

    I'm looking to start up a group of youtubers on PS4 - no matter how small or big you are you can message me!! If you're interested in this type of comedy - - then add me on PS4. Also to note I don't want to play with anyone who is young because I'd prefer to play with people who are older, so...
  19. M

    Meet Up/Gathering Minecraft Bedrock Realm (No Pocket Edition without controller) Under 18

    FJD and I are trying to find people under the age of 18 with over 20 subs and under 100 subs, (We aren't to strict) that want to join a Minecraft Realm. If you would like to join this on discord . Thanks.
  20. I

    New to YTTalk

    Hi I am new to this plstform, i am Shawnavon a small youtuber hoping to grow my channel. I am looking for support on how to be as effective as possible while posting content on YT. I am open to any suggestions on my current content and future content.
  21. S

    Gaming Fortnite Montage

    please like and sub if u wanna cause i worked hard on it. i am a complete bot
  22. A

    Gaming i am 14 years old and want youtubers/gamers to collab and have fun

    my name is Aaron Fritz i am 14 years old and i need youtubers or gamers who want to create a new youtube channel i have a strategy and ideas to post videos and gain subscribers the requierments are : you have to be 14 years old ,15 and 13 will also be considered most...
  23. C

    Gaming Anyone from the Philippines? I'm looking for a youtuber/streamer to collab with. :)))

    Hey guys! I started a week ago and currently a very small youtube (with 60 subs) Youtube name is CheezyCrust. I am looking for a filipino youtuber/ streamer or any person to collab/ play with. I can speak both english and tagalog (which is our first language). I play a variety of games, from...
  24. RenOperative

    Gaming Looking for folks versed in variety gaming/survival horror content (Podcast Content Creators)

    Not much to this collab. Just looking for someone versed in the knowledge of variety gaming or survival horror content that can talk about it in a discussion/podcast style format. We also do variety content as well like let's plays, reactions, movie discussions, anime, comics, etc. Those are...
  25. motherofalltower

    Gaming Looking for Game Collabs

    Sup guys. Towergames here and I'm looking for some PC gaming collaboration. I'm from Malaysia so my timezone is GMT+8 During weekdays, I'm usually free around 8PM - 10PM During weekends, I have more time to play. Preferably less profanity and more on the mature type ;) The games I currently...
  26. ALL-pro Gaming

    subscriber & video's milestone !!

  27. ALL-pro Gaming


    HEY EVERYONE, I hope you all are doing Good - I want to say i reached 700 views , 20 uploads,1ST YouTube LIVE, 25 hour watch hours & 150 likes ! I like to thank people who give me advice on things and helped me out with the intros ! I hope You ALL are staying safe & if anyone want to check me...
  28. RealHift

    Gaming Starting a group of friends

    Yo, I'm starting a group of friends that want to grow on YouTube together, I'm looking for people to record with, if you're wanting to grow together as friends on YouTube hit me up! Hift#7507 I'm not looking to brag about subscribers or views, personally getting back into YouTube and a group...
  29. N

    Gaming Gaming and youtube collabs

    Steam games and Youtube: looking for gamers to join my discord server to play games and record such as: DBD Raft Minecraft We need to go Deeper GMOD needs: Age:18+ must be must have any of these games (preferably Raft and We need to go deeper) UK or USA based or knows English well My discord is...