Gaming Looking for a colab on Mariokart8


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I've been lookin for a while and can't find exactly what I'm lookin for so I'm just gonna make a thread.

This video, in more detail, will be us playing MarioKart8 on Switch with a specific challenge that I'll go into more detail if the colab happens.
It's a one time video thing so no other commitments other than this video (unless you turn out to be awesome and we decide to colab more lol).

Requirements are:
Willing to commentate during recording (also be chill and funny lol)
Recording software for game/game sounds are separated from own audio (ex. obs will record you gameplay and game sound but your voice is recording from audacity or another program)
Sub requirement: 200+
Can spend about 1-2hrs
A little competitive (since this challenge is a race between us to complete) but not too competitive to where we can make jokes/friendly banter
Discord (duh)

In order for me to pick someone (cuz I only need 1 person) link your YouTube and discord (cuz idk if I can replay here) and I'll choose that way.
Here's my YouTube just so yall know what I do too and you can decide if you wanna make this happen. Thanks!

(If you're too lazy to click the link I'll just sum it up as "I do a lot of challenges") :D