1. UnNotchslayer1 Games

    Minecraft Speedrunner Collab

    Hello, I am a small YouTuber with about 73 subscribers. I want to make a Minecraft video similar to dreams speed runner videos with a special twist. (I have set up a minecraft server) I need someone who’s good and quick at speed running. Contact me on Discord: UnNotchslayer1#5355 Please...
  2. Your Fitness Tools

    Looking to partner with Youtubers

    Hey guys We have just launched a new fitness platform website ( and due to launch our own youtube and social media accounts in the next 2 weeks. our goal is to offer free wokrout plans, recipes, reviews to encourage people to start wokring out. we do offer premium...
  3. B

    London - looking for nerdy/unfit/skinny person (18+) to become a face of the channel | all tech provided

    Hi All, I am looking for a nerdy/unfit type of a guy/girl/adult person (18+) to start a YouTube channel about sports, sounds weird right? Keep on reading ;) Idea: Every week that person tries new sport yoga, dancing, martial arts, water sports, literally anything. We record first and only...
  4. Jonzmemes

    Gaming I'm making an ironic Minecraft mondays series.

    A jks Minecraft Monday series. Need alot of people. when we get a few people interested ill make a discord server but for now add me jonzmemes#5144 or my discord server 50+ subs 14+ Decent microphone Link your channel bellow. This is me...
  5. RyeDoazMc

    Gaming Looking for other Java Minecraft Youtubers to collaborate with

    I want to start an SMP server with 10 or so small minecraft youtubers with 50+ subscribers (we can make exceptions, just ask us, we are not picky). I thought this would be a great idea because we could do collaborations and much more that could equally help grow our channels. Not all details...
  6. M

    Gaming Looking for gaming colab

    Hi, I've had around three channels in the past with only one being semi successful, I decided to put all my dedication into one channel now and keep it that way, Meteor YT, I'm looking for a group colab for Minecraft Bedrock, Ark or ESO and I'm happy to take other suggestions, I'm 16, from...
  7. T

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends (PC)

    Hello, my name is Tyler and I'm looking for some pc gaming friends to make some funny content with. Games I play... Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of duty WW2, GTA V, CS GO, Black ops 2, Paladins, Minecraft. Please contact me if you're interested on discord or on here Discord-...
  8. Poisonous Penguin

    Gaming Roblox Collaboration

    Im looking for someone to collab with that plays Roblox and that I can call using Discord. Im looking for people with subscribers between 100-800! See if im worthy of your attention with my YouTube link!
  9. omegaforge

    Vlog I want to make you something

    I am a maker, I love making unique items for people. I think it would be cool to do a colab where I make you something and send it to you and you make a video about it. I am working on building my business and I will start making videos for my channel soon and I think this will be a fun colab.
  10. Joshua Jampersad

    Gaming Any one wants to colab at fortnite

    Hi my Josh, I go by skullpoly on Youtube i curently have 40 subscribers and wanted to know if anyone would like to colab at fortnite. I so please message me on Instagram @skullpoly or you can comment on one of my videos @skullpoly gaming on youtube. Thank you for your time.
  11. Matthew Lissoway

    Other Looking for a female actress

    Hello, i need a female with a green screen to play the role of a news broadcaster for a crime scene i have planned out. This female should be in her 20s and have some clothes that look professional. This is for a serious role.
  12. Connor S

    Other Looking for a co-host.

    Hi, I'm Connor. I'm looking to start a new podcast called the "Shower and Shave Podcast" and I need a co-host to join me. It's gonna be a simple podcast. The idea is that we'd just talk about our lives, whether it's telling stories about something that happened this week or three years ago...
  13. Badgerdome

    Gaming Looking For PC collab Minecraft/Roblox

    Hey, Im Ross/Badgerdome Ive resently Reset my channel and is now looking for collabs so we can make our vids and grow off each other. I'd rather have people who do youtube because they love it over money reasons. I usually make Minecraft and roblox videos and dont mind a little bit of swearing...
  14. Makeup by Mejkat

    Beauty/Makeup My start at youtube, makeup, colaboration

    Hi Everyone, I've just started with my beauty youtube channel (details in my profile description). Yesterday I added my first makeup tutorial and I would like to ask you Guys to see my video and give me some clues, advices how to improve it. I'm from Poland but I've decided to record in...
  15. M

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Colab..

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some dudes willing to colab with me. I'm a gaming channel focussed on Elite: Dangerous and other games, Skyrim, Pubg, War thunder etc. I'm open to try new games and I just want to expand the horizons for my channel in regards to gaming content. I have 2200 subs...
  16. I

    Gaming Gaming group wanted ps4 colabs

    I have seen that people want to colab with others and I thought it would be cool to start a little recording /colab group were we play games with others and record and have a good time( kinda like vanoss and the banana bus squad) and just so anyone who wants in can get in there are no...
  17. R

    Other Colab? (Tech Vids)

    Sup guys, been on YouTube for 10 years now, I was a babby at 8 years old lmao. Anyway i run a phone review channel with around 9100 subs and wondered of anyone wanted to colab? As long as I like your content and you as a person I'd love to co-operate and shout out smaller channels. Not gonna be...
  18. ZeDoublebubble

    Gaming Creating an old Creatures-like group

    Hey everyone! I'm here to see if I cant gather a group of silly people who are also inspired by the old Creatures YouTube channel format. I couldn't care less for sub count, as we can all grow together. I'm thinking for now maybe 5 or so members other than me, depending on how everyone can...
  19. Sickotik

    Gaming New Youtubers for Neebs Gaming type channel

    I'm basically new to Youtubing. Been video editing for 12 years. Doing Sound Design for 6. A Musician for 27. I'm 34 years old and would like to start a channel like Neebs Gaming. Just need other people as serious about videography and youtube as I am. Especially people with senses of humor...
  20. Select Gaming


    I'm brand new to YouTube but want to colab with other youtubers! I play on PC on games like; farming sim 17, eurotruck2, minecraft, GTA and unturned. Must be from Britain or Europe, be over 15 and have a mic and discord. No requirements on subcribers If interested hit me up; Discord: Select...
  21. E

    Vlog Colab

    Hi my name is Elhadj and i am a vlogger prankster and i in LA i have a channel over a 1k subs let me know if you want to colab My email: Instagram: @elhadj19
  22. Ninselic

    Gaming Baldur's gate EE, Iron man/Hardcore collab!

    Hi! I like to try an Iron man Baldur's gate run with others! Iron man means that there will be no reloading the game from saves (expect for continuing after a break), so that means that if a character dies, they are gone for ever, hardcore style. If you never played BGEE before, that's no...
  23. tabve

    Gaming Colab. for PC

    I'm looking to meet people to rec. with. The thing I want and I do. fun and funny crew play on PC and PS4 game I mostly play battleship shellshock PUGB steam: tabve discord: tabve#3638 psn: konekeo if you are interested contact me on my channel or discord
  24. Chadwin Smith

    Meet Up/Gathering Arizona, Phoenix area - YouTuber Collaboration

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for other YouTubers in Arizona to collaborate with. My channel is mostly about videography, cameras, technology, short films, etc. But, I'd love to colab with anyone that makes videos in the valley or Phoenix area. We can make a video for your channel that is...
  25. Craigx_

    Gaming Looking for players.

    Hey there, My name is Craigx, I'm 20 from the UK and like everyone here I am looking for new people to play and record with. I mostly do comedy/funny moments and single player games where I mess about or do a full playthrough. Anyways, I'm looking for people aged 17+ because I've had to deal...
  26. SmileB4DEATH

    Gaming 12k+ channel looking to work with others

    Hey guys i originally started youtube when i was like 19, im now 28 and i just not long ago lost my original youtube channel of 72k subscribers/19 Million views but sadly a long story short youtube/adsense took a dump on my channel so i had to rebuild. I am looking for motivated people who see...
  27. FalsePhoenix

    Ive collabed with smalleer tubers, how would i approach larger tubers?

    Hi, i run a 250 sub YouTube channel on gaming, not the regular games, the more laid back simulation ones, anyway, i was wondering about other peoples thoughts on contacting "Large" youtuber's for collabs. I recently completed (as in actually made a series) with a channel at 3K and it went pretty...
  28. Jolttix

    Gaming Looking for Funny Moment Creators to join our group

    Hey, how's it goin'. My name is Jolttix and I'm looking for creators that put A LOT of work into their channels. I currently have a small group of about 6 friends that like to upload Funny Moment videos (Mostly CS:GO and WaW Zombies) and we're always looking for people with potential to join our...
  29. D

    Gaming Colab?

    My channel is: DPT DanielPlayz C and P Into Youtube I will record minecraft and other games with people that have 50+ subscribers and 14 years old +
  30. E

    Gaming Minecraft videos

    Hi looking for people how wants to play and record on an SMP. we have everything done just need some more people to record with. to join you must have discord since we need to plan when to record and stuff. since you cant put links on here pm me on discord to join the fun EmzzyPemzzy#9786
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