1. Doctor Dano

    PPAP Suicide Squad Halloween! [Parody]

    I kept the flow natural:up2:, kept it real.:cool: Gotta use that PPAP hype when its there lads and gals.. :D:up2: Feel free to Subscribe! See yaaaaa
  2. BlueNodule Gaming

    Gaming VR Multiplayer Games

    I really don't have any preference for the game or the person, there are just a ton of multiplayer VR games that I would love to play with another youtuber. If you have a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift and you feel the same way, let me know and maybe we can start a...
  3. styks

    Gaming Xbox1 gaming 13-14years old

    id like to collab but cant do that when I have nobody so help me out and just send me a message also we onley accept 14 years under thank u.
  4. JustCallMeCass


    Hey guys and gals ! Anyone with naturally curly hair want to do a colab on how we look after our locks ? could be a big group of us if you wanted to ! if anyone is keen let me know xx
  5. Timikinz


    Hi Guys, I have just made a call of duty channel and I am looking for people to collaborate with. I have had my channel for around 2 weeks and have just hit 84 subscribers. If you make good quality content and fancy recording some videos with me, let me know :) My chanel name is Team TimikinZ...
  6. ginger ghost

    Gaming looking for someone to collab pc unturned

    im looking for someone to collab on pc to play unturned or minecraft must be 13 or over im scottish so might be a little hard for people to understand.
  7. BorneHijack

    Gaming Interesting Idea for a Youtube Competition on PS4

    Hey guys, I have the idea to create a competition on PS4 and want to reach out to there like minded YouTubers. If you are interested so far check out my channel and see if the content I make is similar to yours. The game of choice would most likely be a sport game but depending on how many are...
  8. BradvsGaming

    Gaming Would anyone like to colab :) ?

    Hello was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate with me. My channel is a minecraft gaming channel. .no sub requirement needed .no bad language .around my age 12 - 14 .Minecraft PC edition needed If anyone is interested let me know :D
  9. MrDarkTitan

    Gaming [PC] wanna colab or join me on youtube?

    so im 15 and i recently got partnered and so this is making me wanna make alot of videos and i thought why not help other people with there videos so then together we make youtube a career btw i can help you get partnered fast and easy the network im with has a strong support team that will...
  10. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Looking For people to collab with (any sub count)

    Hey all My name is Trevor from Divide And Conquer. I am a gaming YouTuber who plays VR and PC games like The Forest, Ark Survival, Rust, Savage Lands, Space Engineers, Tabletop Simulator and Much much more. If you are interested in a collab go ahead and leave a message below and a link to your...
  11. PickleTV

    Vlog Any Vloggers Near Berkshire Uk Who Want To Colab ?

    Hey there, I am looking for someone to colab with for maybe a talk show project like good mythical morning, the plan is to have a show sat at a table talking about fun topics and maybe do some comedy sketches and try and make it into a great comedy show for people of all ages to enjoy!
  12. lukeandalexgaming123

    colab partner pc only

    if you want to colab withe me you need to meat the required fields need 100 subs need 1000 views on you channel (send my your channel name)-(I will cheek info) need a good pc/computer that can handle big games like gta5 and csgo if you need to see my youtube details like subs go visit...
  13. lukeandalexgaming123

    anyone have any YT gaming tips for audio

    i just want to now what mic/headset is the best for audio
  14. lukeandalexgaming123

    Gaming looking for a gaming collaborator

    you must be over 100 subs need to have a good pc/computer to handle big games like gta5 and csgo need to speak English,need a good mic/headset for video purposes and last of all list your channel and other things like skype and i will get back to you on skype if your not sure go cheak out my...
  15. S


    Hey im Sullyy22 Im looking for Minecraft Youtubers to join me in videos and colab with on PS4 :) if interested add me on PS4: TheSullyy22
  16. Blaine Gaming

    Gaming PS4 Colab for Channels of Any Size

    I'm looking for a couple of YouTubers with a PlayStation 4, I am a small YouTuber with only 4 subs, but I also only started one month and I truly believe I could go somewhere and that could help my family out of the money crisis we are in, and I'm doing everything I can to do this, I have SW...
  17. Blaine Gaming

    Gaming (PS4) Looking To Colab with someone [14+]

    Hey guys I'm a new YouTuber that plays a lot of Star Wars Battlefront, NBA 2K, and Destiny; I'm looking for anyone 14 and over to be a long term colab partner and friend.
  18. Jgaust Online

    Gaming Overwatch Colab (PC)

    Gonna lay it on thick and heavy, I'm new, and unnoticed. I have a whopping 30 subscribers and apparently pump out good juice. I'm great at Overwatch and need some peeps to get down with. No, this is not a shady craigslist ad, but an invitation to come out and punch some noobs.
  19. UDIBro

    Gaming PC AU colab

    i want to do a colab might turn into something more. DM me on Twitter @UDIBro requirements: No speaky voices Decent computer Decent mic Have some of my games Use Discord or Teamspeak Games i have to colab with: CS:GO Gmod just cause 2 multiplayer warframe magicka orcs must die! unchained...
  20. Shmalex


    Does anybody want to do a box for box it's like a colab and much more simple it's where I put you in my featured channel list for a month and you do the same message me if interested. REQUIREMENTS: Must have 20 to 30 subscribers.
  21. Happybread

    Other Looking for youtubers to interview

    Hi guys, First off you don't have to be big on YouTube I am starting a ten questions to YouTubers series where I send you ten questions and you send me video responses and then I upload a video from them that will hopefully benfefit us both. Post bellow if your interested everyone will be...
  22. MHawk123

    Gaming LOOKING FOR PS4 COLAB!!! HMU!!!

    Hi, I am MHawk123, I'm looking for someone to colab on either GTAV, BO3, Minecraft, or 7 Days To die. Requirements: -13+ -Decent Mic -(sub count doesn't matter to me) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, HMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Pedro Nascimento

    Other I Have a Travelling Channel!! Anyone to Make a Collaboration?

    Hello guys, I have a travelling channel on Youtube called "Cities Of The World" I never made a collaboration before but I'm looking forward to do it! I will be flying to New York for the first time and I will stay there for 2 days. I you want or you know anyone who would like to make a...
  24. FtdF8me

    Gaming Looking to collaborate (PC Games)

    Hey guys wassup my names F3arFtd and I'm looking to collaborate with any fellow gaming you tubers on pc. I am a small channel and as of now i have 19 subscribers however I had a channel with just over 80 subs but stopped uploading to it and made 2 new channels. F3ar Ftd being my gaming...
  25. OfficerNuggets

    Gaming Looking for someone to do a full expert mode playthrough on Terraria (PC)

    I would like someone that would not rush the game forward and take our time and get everything (almost everything) You have to be at least 12 or around that age. You also have to have around 100 subscribers If you want to colab my skype is OfficerNuggets or xparrayx if the first does not work.
  26. Civilbeast


    must have good mic decent internet dedicated youtuber
  27. RomanCastro

    Vlog Anyone for a San Diego Outdoors (Spearfishing, Fishing, or Other) Colab

    Hi all, I'm looking for any San Diego Fishing or Spearfishing channels out there to do a collaboration with. I'm also open to kayaking, sailing, and any other fun outdoor activity. If you have an idea we can work on I'm all ears. Thanks for checking out this post!
  28. Yellowgaming

    Gaming Looking for PC youtubers to colab with.

    I'm looking for some people to play pc games with (ex. Gmod, GTA5, Minecraft). My channel link doesn't work because I am rebranding skype - xx139gamingxx
  29. Koa


    we all know colab is good it allows viewers to see different personalities while it is also more fun to play with people. so mainly im looking for people that are down to earth that actually are down to have fun playing some video games and make great content. But i also want to find people that...
  30. AnnableLecter

    Gaming PC Gaming Channel Looking For Collabs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for English speaking Youtubers to collab with. My channel has nearly 50 subs currently and I play a variety of games! I'm looking for friendly and funny Youtubers to play games with, have fun and create hilarious content. I'd love to get 4 or 5 people together to play Dead...