1. P

    Gaming youtube colaborations?

    i look up videos on how to grow your youtube channel. most of the videos say to colab with other channels. so does anyone want to do a colab video? a colab video is were two channels help each other grow on youtube.
  2. Shehzad

    Who Would Your Dream Colab Be?

    I think mine would be to just be working for thecreaturehub that would be insane for me I don't connect with any other youtube personalities out there better than theirs.
  3. Sirmsudge125

    Gaming PC/XboxOne Gaming collaborations

    Hey guys! Looking to do some collaboration videos on either PC or XBox One platforms. Games im currently playing are: PC: Battleblock Theatre Chivalry Rocket League CS:GO PayDay 2 Gmod Xbox One: Payday 2 Chivalry Fifa 16 Starwars BattleFront and many more I've got 28 subscribers at the...
  4. martithon

    Gaming [PC] join my gaming group!

    Hello youtubers! With 2 others i have a little YouTube colab group (check my channel (town of salem videos) for an example video or check the 2 links on my channel for theur channel) and we would like to have more people to join. 1 or 2 people would really make a difference in the games we can...
  5. martithon

    Gaming Looking for 2 more gamers

    Hello gamers! together with 2 friends we are looking for at least 1, preferably 2 or 3 more people to game and make videos with us! Games we are planning on doing: - Cards against humanity - Risk of Rain - Garry's Mod - Counter strike nexon: zombies - spy party and many more other coop...
  6. jack leigh

    Gaming i am a fifa youtuber xbox one 597 subs colab?

    i am a fifa youtuber xbox one 597 subs colab? tell me your skype how many subs you have and your channel name if interested
  7. sageNINJA

    Gaming Wanna play Garry's Mod? I make youtube videos :D

    Anyone want to play and possibly make videos? lol
  8. Oliver Grizwald

    Gaming Someone to colab with

    Hello everybody, I'm Oliver Grizwald and I would like someone to colab with. Hello. As mentioned above I would like a person to colab with, playing pc games. Please reply below. Name: Age (11-15): Time Zone: Steam User Name: Skype Name: Youtube User Name: