1. RadiantGaming

    Looking for YouTubers to Colab with

    Hello you Rad people Radiant here. Recently I have been searching for people to colab with me and my friend to make entertaining YouTube videos. If any of you would live to colab with us and join our awesome group just leave a link with your channel ^^
  2. SwiftFuture

    Gaming Come And Lets Help Each Other Out And Colab?!

    Ok, so I know that im not the biggest content creator ever and nor do i have subs but that doesnt change the fact that i would love to do colabs with anyone big or small just hit me up through my skype which is Swift_Future and ill be sure to let you know when we can colab. Thanks for your time...
  3. N8Squared

    Gaming Looking For Channel 100 - 200 Subs Colab

    Hi everyone looking for someone to help me out with something a bit different than a colab. Basically you can upload to my channel and I will upload to yours. By doing this we will share each others following. If you want to do this leave your channel, comment below & I will message you on...
  4. L

    Looking For a youtube-Gary's Modand More collab!!

    Hello, i've been looking for a group of friends (4) to record you tube with! I however cannot record but i want to play with y'all and be in the videos and i can mention you because what i do is i upload trolling videos and i make music! and i can easily get your name out but i just want a group...
  5. ChocoStream

    Gaming colab for Lol, Minecraft, BO3...

    Hi there new youtuber looking for fun and amazing people to colab with, if your a league of legends player that's cool EU or NA, minecraft, also cool ;) BO3 PS4 only, now i love making montage for league of legends feel free to check some out on my channel. Send me a reply and let me know on...
  6. FernandoMask

    Gaming Overwatch Collab

    Hey if you would like to play overwatch just leave a comment. Looking for gamers that play Overwatch and would like to grow their channel!
  7. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Other Fitness!

    Yo! I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and if anyone around is interested in fitness, I would LOVE the opportunity to collab! Check out my channel and if you like the content that please hit me up at and I would love to arrange a meet up! Open to even general discussion as...
  8. MickTurtleSoup

    New Idea and Opportunity

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well! I posted a channel update to explaining my original idea for a YouTube channel and my limitations on why I did not pursue that. It will provide a platform for people to show off their skills and creativity and also provide opportunities for collaborations...
  9. Christopher Schulze

    Gaming [Open 0 of 2] Youtube collaboration?; 2K, B03, GTA 5

    I would prefer someone with quality content above 10 subscribers. Steps to be one of the two picked 1. Comment your youtube channel URL below 2. That is literally it, if I think we would work well together you will hear from me on your channel!
  10. Ronja Lykke

    Gaming Blonde newbie gamer girl looking to colab

    Hi, I have this idea to start a new series on my channel (and yours - if you're in) where I play games for the first time. That's not really original, I know, but I want to play on the fact that I am a complete gaming noob (never played anything but Sims and Pokemon my entire life) and the...
  11. Ronja Lykke

    Other Female youtubers in their 20s!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for youtubers to connect and possibly colab with who are in their 20s. I seem to only find youtubers who are 10+ years younger than me. I'm currently doing challenges, vlogging and sketches but I've been wanting to do gaming as well and basically... I'm up for any good...
  12. Hacuracy

    Gaming (XB1, PC) GTA V, Minecraft, Ark, and many more!

    My name is Brandon or Hacuracy, I am looking for some people to collaborate with. Games : GTA V, Minecraft, Ark, and many more Age : 16-20 ( I am 17 ) Subscriber minimum : 300 Minimum, will go lower if content is good! ( I have 1.1k ) Timezone: PST Recording time: Monday - Friday: 3:30...
  13. aplsos

    Gaming Pc colab

    Hi my Name is David I make indie games videos. my format is similar to game grumps (more focused on fun and jokes then serious hardcore Gaming. I'm 17 and work well with others I am a very new you tuber looking for anyone with a decent amount of subscribers to colab with. I will play pretty...
  14. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming PC YT Funny Moments Recording Group

    Let's get right to the point. I am looking for a group to record some funny moments on pc games such as Gmod, Arma, Rainbow Six, Gta V, H1Z1, etc. I want this group to just have a good time, but still be serious and dedicated to youtube, at least available to play during the week. I don't care...
  15. J

    Animation Looking for a Animator

    i just made my new channel but my computer sucks i need a animator that can help me and colab contact me Youtube channel- iFilm04
  16. N8Squared

    Gaming Need A Group To Make Comedy Videos With

    Hi guys and gals I have a YouTube channel, very small and I want to try make better comedy videos on Gmod and some other games. My goal is to make a good series that people will enjoy and be able to laugh at. You can check out some of my other comedy videos on my channel, where I have had decent...
  17. wtefe

    Meet Up/Gathering Seattle area YouTubers...

    Good Morning Seattle... Wondering if there are any youtubers in the Seattle area, what your channels are all about, and if you happen to meet on a regular/irregular basis, and if not if there is any interest there. I've had my channel for a little over a year now, and although I'm not quite...
  18. K

    Gaming Youtube colab/friend??

    Hey my name is Tom (Kratus) I am 14 years old and i got 40 subs, i do gaming vids and i am planning to once i get 50 subs do some vlogs, I would like to have someone to work with, so i can grow my channel WITH them, helping each other out, i upload 1-2 videos a week but working on improvement...
  19. C

    Gaming Looking for people to colab with!

    I just recently started on Youtube! I make videos like funny moments, gameplays, commentaries, and other stuff. I have only posted 3 videos, one of which was an introduction, but the other two are on Rainbow Six Siege. I play games like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Rocket League, and H1Z1! If you...
  20. TheHazzaBird

    Gaming New Group ( Gaming Tube ) Looking For People !

    Hi guys im 16 and i am a small youtube channel ( 118 subs) i am look for other youtubers around my size that are willing to be in my new youtube group i am making called Gaming Tube What Will Gaming Tube Be; gaming tube will be where we all make videos together on our own channels and also...
  21. Tyler Cheesbro

    Gaming Lets Colab!

    Looking for people to collaborate with, no real requirements. Play mainly Minecraft, GTA 5 and Black Ops 3!
  22. TheMiningDucks


    I have 63 subs and i want to do a colab with someone!! -We can play a server of your chose -Must have 35 subscribers and a video with 60+ views! -Must have Skype! -Must have a mic!
  23. SemiGodGaming

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey guys I am a black ops 3 live gameplay, tutorial, tips & tricks youtuber and I would love to collaborate with some other youtubers the only thing is that you have a PS4 because that is the only console I use :) also if you want to colab message me on twitter: @SemiGodGaming love to see if I...
  24. S

    Gaming Minecraft/Gaming Collaboration Wanted

    I'm looking for someone to do videos with, im 13 years old, have a mature voice and have a professional setup like microphone computer ect. If you wish to do something pm me and ill give you more details! I wanted to make a new channel because I got hate from people i know and it made a upset...
  25. GammingPandaMan

    Gaming Europe, Collab PC Gaming

    Hey Boys & Girls, I would like to do a collabiration. PC Gaming thats for sure.. i like indie games, minecraft hardcore mode, and everything really... I don't like CoD.. Sorry guys... But we will most likely figure it out :) Requirements Well i have some requirements... First off you have to...
  26. Deon Greenwood


    newish youtuber, with 60 subs and over 1,200 views from 4 videos. looking for a collab! a skit, challenge or prank!
  27. J

    Gaming Looking to make a group

    hey everyone and thanks for stopping by:) My name is Luke and i have been in the YouTube business for about a month now. I have always pondered the idea of doing a colabaration and now I think I'm finally ready. I would like to make a little group of 2 to 5 people but 1 person is fine as well...
  28. G

    Gaming Looking For Colab For Youtube (PC)

    Hey I'm here to look for someone entertaining to work with me on my YouTube channel and help me grow while we are having fun and i'm gonna try to help them on their channel as swell if they have one and i'm happy to meet with anyone as long as i can and deepens on the time as well. So hopefully...
  29. C

    Gaming Looking to colab with Minecraft Youtubers

    Hello. I am looking to colab with some minecraft youtubers are any of you guys Mincraft youtubers and want to colab? I am good at almost everything so let me know. Thanks!
  30. L

    Gaming Fifa 16 Colab (Xbox Onr)

    I'm looking for a fifa 16 youtuber to colab with in many online or fut videos If interested please reply with YouTube channel or add me on Xbox One at TOG LuckyClover :) I'm 19 Irish if ye are wondering