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Hi my Name is David I make indie games videos. my format is similar to game grumps (more focused on fun and jokes then serious hardcore Gaming. I'm 17 and work well with others

I am a very new you tuber looking for anyone with a decent amount of subscribers to colab with.
I will play pretty much any free 2 play game or Minecraft.

I really believe in my content (I know its not perfect) but im certain if I colab with the right you tuber we can both gain a lot of subs and make awesome vids

I know im a small Chanel and that im kind of asking for a handout but i am having a lot of difficulty getting views

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What games do you have? On PC, I have Minecraft, GTA V, CoD BO III, CS:GO, etc. Check out my newest video. I post things like that, but I would like to do gameplay with other people. My number is (916) 436-5721. I am nearly 17 (one month) btw.