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Ronja Lykke

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I have this idea to start a new series on my channel (and yours - if you're in) where I play games for the first time. That's not really original, I know, but I want to play on the fact that I am a complete gaming noob (never played anything but Sims and Pokemon my entire life) and the fact that I am blonde and the stereotypes that goes with that :) I'm not stupid, but I am completely out of my element when it comes to gaming and I thought it would be fun to do some sort of "clueless girl tries minecraft" and stuff like that.

So I'm looking for either someone really good at gaming to essentially teach me the games and laugh at / with me while I fail miserably. OR another female youtube my own age to explore this whole gaming world with!
Hey, i would be more then happy to make some videos with you, im 18 and live in england, my channel is anime based but i am bringing gaming to it, i used to be a gaming youtuber but stopped and quit for about a year and now im back and growing slowly, anyway add me on skype if you want to talk more about it, abritishperson
Hello i can teach or i can get a friend in my group (Gaming girl like you and she's 20 if that's near your age) to teach you how to play and she also likes pokemon but i dont know about sims though, i got a group going and some are expects on it if you want i can invite you to it to join fun sessions
My Skype: Dread Chemical
Hey I wouldn't mind collabing and I'm also a huge fan of Pokemon but heads up your channel link says channel doesn't exist. But maybe we can do a collab on Pokemon showdown or something
Well... I think that the moment people read the title people either thought with there dicks or... there Vaginas because, Gay people can marry now...! Liberty!

In all honesty I wouldn't mind having fun playing video games. Hell you might even give me some insight on my channel. Never under estimate the power of newbie girl because, she might tell how she feels as a non gamer. In any way....! I play a range of games (mostly first person shooters) but, I'm open to any suggestions. I'm having a "funny moment" thought on you trying to play Rainbow Six: Siege... Anyways, I'll leave some details and you can reply to me if you're interested...!

Age: 18
Oceanic (I live in Western Australia
Audio technica at2020
I would be up for a pokemon colab or even a yugioh colab. i play both
i live in canada so i guess message me if you would like

add me on skype @ medic1018
or on google+ @ medic101 itsme
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