1. xxkittylee

    New youtuber from maryland. Anyone want to collaborate in Maryland??

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland wants to...
  2. Strobelite Gaming

    Music Looking for female vocalist for an overwatch parody

    hey all, looking for a female singer to do a cover of crush by Tessa violet. the parody will be based around overwatch and specifically Brigitte. If you are interested please leave a comment and I will send you the instrumental and a version of me singing it for reference. any questions are...
  3. N

    Gaming Any Female Minecraft Gamers?

    Hello, I am Sydney and I am looking for other female gamers around 10 to 14 years of age. I am 12. Just email me at contact.neynova@gmail.com for more info on this subject. I want to start a Minecraft group of about 4 girls, but we can expand past 4 and Minecraft so we can negotiate!
  4. Matthew Lissoway

    Other Looking for a female actress

    Hello, i need a female with a green screen to play the role of a news broadcaster for a crime scene i have planned out. This female should be in her 20s and have some clothes that look professional. This is for a serious role.
  5. DarkEagle00

    Music Female Singer Needed

    Hi there I am gonna start a new channel where I will be doing guitar and bass covers. I will be trying to create my own backing tracks to some of the songs because of copyright reasons and vocals would be awesome. I can kinda sing, but I would like some help. :) Thanks
  6. Y

    Voice Acting Looking For Female Voice Actress for Total war : warhammer 2

    Hey all I am looking for a female voice actress for an upcoming project starting end of next month. I have had small success with my previous voice acting campaign and would like to do something similar for the new game which come out on 28th Sept 2017. Check out my channel and look for voice...
  7. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Looking for female voice actors experienced or non experienced

    Hi! I'm looking for a female voice actress for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (mainly short countdowns) coming up, Most of the roles are fairly short and simple. Search my Channels in Youtube Fact Buzz - UCT1kiLg6snrAMDDzSk0_9dA Cold Chills (Main Channel) -...
  8. IAmTheBossLady

    Gaming Collaberation

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone who knows how to edit(or knows a little bit about editing) to collab with me in making a gaming YouTube channel! I have 73 subs already no videos anymore(deleted) but i really enjoy playing video games and would also love to have new people to play with...
  9. QuestionMan

    Lacking A Female Audience: Is It Bad?

    This topic has been on my mind for a while now. Lately I have seen a trend of content creators (mainly male Youtubers) complaining about their lack of a female audience. There complaints would go along the lines of "why are only 5% of my viewers female" or something similar to that. I have also...
  10. tamoyfromtoronto

    Vlog Looking to colab and grow channel together! Let's Do this!

    What's up Vloggers?! I have a channel - TamoyfromToronto and looking for anyone one interested in collaborations. I am located in Miami Florida. So if you are looking to have fun and increase your subs, contact me. Let's make this happen!
  11. bacondoenutes

    Voice Acting Need a voice actor or a female AI.

    The voice actor I want is female and slightly high pitched.It has to resemble a pure and innocent Female Ai. The script will require you to say a few lines with emotions. I don't have any ways to pay you but I will give you a shout out if you want to, or I'll do something for you as a return of...
  12. Necronomibro


    I just need you to say "* POUNCES ON YOU AND NOTICES YOUR BULGE* OWO WHATS THIS?" sort of slowly and seductively as a meme in my newest video , id like to get it done before Halloween as it is for my Halloween special . This request sounds creepy but I will shout you out at the beginning of the...
  13. Brad Schooner

    Other Female presenter for wanted or self help videos

    Hi, I am looking for a female presenter for self help videos. Must be interested in the subject, be confident and clear speech. Looking to use for online course on self development etc. Must be 18+. If at all interested in doing a project/business like this please get in touch. Thank you Brad :)
  14. Jonatan Moser

    Music Looking for a m/f singer to do a cover with!

    I am looking for a singer (male or female) to do a cover song with (I am a singer). It has to be a new, popular song (to gain as much exposure as possible), and you have to have access to recording gear of relative quality. I can do mixing and mastering, as well as editing of the video if you...
  15. MrGamingGuitarist

    Gaming Female Podcast Co-Host Needed

    Hello everyone! I host the N4GTV Podcast, a show about everything nerdy and gaming, and I'm currently looking for a female co-host to join the show. We record the podcast on Skype, and talk for an hour or more about all the latest news for comics, movies, and TV shows. You need to have a webcam...
  16. Ronja Lykke

    Gaming Blonde newbie gamer girl looking to colab

    Hi, I have this idea to start a new series on my channel (and yours - if you're in) where I play games for the first time. That's not really original, I know, but I want to play on the fact that I am a complete gaming noob (never played anything but Sims and Pokemon my entire life) and the...
  17. darkstarmedia

    Why Do We Have Middle Names?

    Find out why we have middle names in this week's video! I get very angry.
  18. darkstarmedia

    Useless Banana Facts!

    What started off as a joke turned into a petition which turned into a video. Enjoy becoming experts on fruit, you big nerds.
  19. darkstarmedia

    Common English Mistakes!

    I think we've established by now that I'm very passionate about my words, and my Facebook News Feed is no exception to my scrutiny! Watch my latest video and see if you're guilty of any of these common mistakes!
  20. darkstarmedia

    British Phrases & Slang!

    Have you ever wondered how long a "donkey's year" is? Or maybe who Bob is and why he's your uncle? And why does everything we say seem to revolve around tea? I hear you. That's why I've made a video explaining some quintessentially British phrases, which you can view right here: Let me know...
  21. D

    Voice Acting 1-Line ''black'' voice

    some people..