Hi there

I am gonna start a new channel where I will be doing guitar and bass covers.
I will be trying to create my own backing tracks to some of the songs because of copyright reasons and vocals would be awesome. I can kinda sing, but I would like some help. :)

I do have a blue snowball laying around somewhere- I don't know if that is good enough. Also it fell on the floor a while ago and might have gotten wet, so I'm gonna have to check on that, but I would like to help if you'd have me. I have videos of me singing on my channel, but I could do better than that, but if you needed an example those are there. Unless you wanna choose a song for me to sing for you kind of like an audition. I'm open to anything.
Hey Kristy

Oh, hmm, I think that muffler may help to cancel out some white noise. Not a train smash if its unusable.

I checked out your channel and you sing very well,:) I am a little more reserved and introverted so I hope you don't mind lol.

Its okay, you dont need to audition or anything, I am just doing this for fun.
Some of the songs that I am working on are, Despacito, Havana, Ed Sheeran Photograph, thinking out loud, Tori Kelly Nobody Love, Can't stop the feeling, Charlie Puth Attention, stuff like that. Though some maybe on different keys but I will send you the songs and links.

I will send you a sample of my playing once I am done. Though when you are singing you can sing to the tracks that I will send. Then I will take your clean vocals and overlay over my playing.

Let me know what you think.

I still haven't found my mic yet, but I'm gonna look more in depth tomorrow. Hopefully it's not damaged. It SHOULD be good. I'll let you know as soon as I possibly can! I'm excited about this! And don't worry about being reserved and introverted! There's nothing wrong with that :)
Heyo im Rose! I have just started on youtube and I'm a singer-songwriter and do covers as well on youtube!! I would be interested in singing:)
Hey Cristy, awesome!
I will send you something to work with soon :)
I am excited too![DOUBLEPOST=1517778794,1517778561][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey Rose, thanks, I appreciate the assistance :)
I will send you some samples too,
Hi Cristy

How are you doing?

Here is my video cover so far.
Just bass and guitar: I don't know why I can't add links here.
(Link in Word doc)

And here is the Havana song on the key of A#
(Link in Word doc)
Let me know how it goes :)

I was thinking that you could make the video like how you how you do your covers and use it for your channel as well, I will just use the audio, if that makes sense. So you will also have content for your channel.[DOUBLEPOST=1517904524,1517904423][/DOUBLEPOST]Hi Rose

Can you sing Despacito? :)


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@DarkEagle00 definitely use these girls! I ended up finding my mic but the wire isn't with it. So basically I'm an unreliable trash person. lol I DID get a new camera, but that mic probably isn't good enough and I have a computer headset with a mic, but that most likely won't work either. So, hopefully in the future we can work together!
Hey Cristy,

Lol, you are not an unreliable trash person. :)
Well I don't have any proper recording gear. I am using my iPhone to record the bass and guitar on different takes lol! I am using Garage band. The quality is okay though. If you have an iPhone maybe you can try it out?

You have a sweet voice, I would like to work with you in the future.
Whenever you are ready, just message me.
Cheers :)[DOUBLEPOST=1519367817,1519367143][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey Hildandia
What's up?
Sure I will check them out.

Would you like to help me out?
(In Doc)

Here is the song that I used. The key is in A# , easier for me to get the lower bass notes without drop tuning.
(In Doc)

I realised there is a guy singing too, I will probably have to do his part :)


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