female singer

  1. SorryNoTitle

    Music Walkers MASSIVE Acapella Colaboration

    Hey Walkers, This is a MASSIVE collaboration of many Walkers (Fans Of EDM Legend, Alan Walker) around the World. The project is mainly an acapella cover of a mashup of all his songs up till Diamond Heart. You can either contribute to the vocals, the chords, the notes or beats. All those...
  2. kevindong

    Music (20K SUBS) Looking for female singers for uncopyrighted EDM

    Hi! I'm looking for female singers that could help me create my first uncopyrighted electronic digital soundtrack. I will give said singer a [%] of the revenue of the finished product. Before I progress further into my semi-detailed explanations: my name is Kevin Dong (on YT), I have 20,444...
  3. Reeling Raccoon

    Music Female Humming needed for my upcoming Album!

    Hello, I am looking for female hum voices for my tracks. Will credit you for your work! Checkout my channel that has my earlier albums, I am looking for something similar. Fell free to sub, if you like what you see in my channel. Cheers!
  4. DarkEagle00

    Music Female Singer Needed

    Hi there I am gonna start a new channel where I will be doing guitar and bass covers. I will be trying to create my own backing tracks to some of the songs because of copyright reasons and vocals would be awesome. I can kinda sing, but I would like some help. :) Thanks
  5. Maarij Bashir

    Music Anyone able to Sing with an ORCHESTRA?

    I don't literally mean a real orchestra, but to an orchestral track I'm working on. I'm looking for a female vocalists specifically, but males are also welcome too. Leave a comment if ya'll are interested. :D
  6. GSmaniamsmart

    Music Female Singer Needed for Stan by Eminem

    So I have done a cover with another person here before, and it turned out fairly well. Today I decided I wanted to do another cover, the song is called Stan by Eminem, and I need a girl to sing Dido's part. I will be recording audio and video for my parts of the song, so it would be awesome if...