Music (20K SUBS) Looking for female singers for uncopyrighted EDM


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Oct 14, 2017
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Hi! I'm looking for female singers that could help me create my first uncopyrighted electronic digital soundtrack. I will give said singer a [%] of the revenue of the finished product.

Before I progress further into my semi-detailed explanations: my name is Kevin Dong (on YT), I have 20,444 subscribers and 7.76 million views. I have mostly expanded my channel through a single video (that is, sadly, age-restricted) but the need to mark my name on quality content is imminent, as most of my recent videos are of a low level of quality and practically never reaches 1,000 views.

This music track would then be posted onto my YouTube channel, but said singer will be able to freely post the soundtrack on their channel. Others can use my soundtrack as long as they link to my channel and said singer's channel.

You can contact me by emailing me at [].

Thank you! Please reply if you desire to sing.
Kevin Dong

- Female (due to the nature of voice)
- Ages 16+ (I could consider 14-15 year olds)
- The singer must accept that the song will be uncopyrighted. They will be credited.
- Some singing experience
- Good knowledge of English
- A decent microphone (a Snowball would work).

- A YouTube channel. More subs and I'll consider you more.