cover collab

  1. DMSounds

    Music Searching for a cover collab

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for someone interested in doing a collab for my song covers channel. The song would be based on Bendy and the Dark Revival and will be only on YouTube and Soundcloud without the monetization. I'm especially looking for a female voice in Spanish (although the cover...
  2. DarkEagle00

    Music Female Singer Needed

    Hi there I am gonna start a new channel where I will be doing guitar and bass covers. I will be trying to create my own backing tracks to some of the songs because of copyright reasons and vocals would be awesome. I can kinda sing, but I would like some help. :) Thanks
  3. MagesticDragon

    Music Looking For 2 Singers [Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter Cover]

    Okay, so I'm looking for two more people who would be interested in collaborating. Basically there's two people already (including me), and I'm looking for two more people who would be interested in this little project. Also, you have to be willing to be on camera (since I know not everyone's...
  4. MagesticDragon

    Music Looking For Singers for a Multilanguage Cover

    So, I am looking for singers to sing a Japanese song called "Painter". It's a giant group collab which will contain singing from different languages, hence it being called Multilanguage. So within the project, you would have to translate your own lyrics (cause I only speak 3 languages; English...
  5. MythicalTaco

    Music Need Male/Female Singers For A COD Parody Song Cover

    The only requirement is to have a really good voice, the song will be "R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine" I will do all of the editing and i will send you the lyrics to the song, but i will will need to get to know you first. So i will leave my Skype below. So after that i get to know you, i...
  6. Kian Clifton

    Music Looking to collaborate on cover songs!

    Hey there! I'm looking for fellow YouTube musicians to collaborate with on cover songs/videos! I'm really looking to grow my audience and expand, as well as meet some musician friends whom I can talk with about Music, the industry, YouTube, & more, so I'm going to be posting Bi-Weekly cover...